ZEPETO (Avatar) App Review – How to Download the ZEPETO App | How ZEPETO Works


To be able to be developed to create a successful social media platform nowadays, you would need to do something different from the regular ones found on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. That is exactly what the creator of ZEPETO app did. The maker made the communication process a lot of fun by making users communicate using three-dimensional avatars created based in photos taken due to the app’s facial recognition system.

ZEPETO (Avatar) App Review - How to Download the ZEPETO App | How ZEPETO Works

ZEPETO App Review

ZEPETO app is a fun social media app that is designed to be operated via the avatar each user creates. The social media platform is unlike every other social media platform around today. The app lets you create a digital version of yourself through which you would use to make new friends on the platform. If you have been looking forward to cartooning yourself for a long time, then you would get that chance with ZEPETO app.

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The ZEPETO app lets you create more than just a virtual clone. The platform has attracted over 10 million downloads on Google Play. The app allows you to do more than just create 3D figures to interact, socialize, and even play minigames. The games also let you have the fun of creating nice images of your characters from the app’s interface.

Creating Your ZEPETO Avatar

There is nothing complicated about ZEPETO since it is very easy to get by.

  • When you open the ZEPETO app, you would be requested to upload a photo of yourself or take a selfie.
  • With that, the app would detect the distinctive feature of your face, and create an avatar using your image.
  • From there, you can choose to customize it’s the avatar (some few aspects of the avatar)
  • And within seconds, an adorable version of yourself would be created and ready to socialize with the rest of the ZEPETO universe.

Once you have successfully created your avatar, you can interact with others, introduce yourself to the rest of the users. The only limit of what you can do with the avatar is your mind. You also get to decorate your virtual home with plants and furniture and embark on the daily quest. This app is the best when t comes to having fun on a social media platform.

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How ZEPETO Works

When you begin, you would not have much, no clothes, no objects, etc. but as you participate in challenges and meet new people on the platform, you would earn points and make use of them to purchase clothes and design your space. The social media platform also allows you to level up and unlock more objects, clothing’s and activities. Every single thing and event you do in this universe is designed to be as social as possible.

The remaining aspect of the app is similar to regular chat apps. The app has different chat rooms, and you can access the profile of other users, follow them and have conversations. The app functions like that of second life or sims. So, if you are a big fan of games with similar feature to sims and you like social media platforms then you need to download the app right now. ZEPETO app is just like sims and a social media platform combined.

How to Download the ZEPETO App

Downloading the ZEPETO app is not so hard or complicated. The app has generated over 10 million downloads from the Google play store alone, so it should not be hard to download. If you have an Appstore installed on your device whether Applestore or Google play store you can download the app.

  • Just open the Appstore
  • Then enter ZEPETO app on the search bar
  • Click search
  • Then locate the app on the search result
  • Then click install.

With that, the app should be properly installed on your mobile device. with the app expect fun like never before.

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