Streets of Rage 4 X360ce Settings Working!!! for Any PC Gamepad Controller


In this content, I would be giving you the X360ce Settings for Streets of Rage 4, so if you are interested, keep on reading this content. If you are looking for a top-level Sega experience on your PC, then you need to check the street of Rage game. This game is unlike any other game you have played before, or it is something like what you have played before, that is if you had a great time with the Sega console. Well, the Sega console was a long time ago, and if you want to access it using your PC by playing street of rage, then you need to check out the X360ce Settings for Streets of Rage 4.

Streets of Rage 4 X360ce Settings Working!!! for Any PC Gamepad Controller

Talking about the X360ce setting for the game, you would only need this if you are playing your using a USB controller that cannot connect without any setting to your PC. So, if you are making use of a YSB controller, and you need help making sure your controller delivers as required, then you need to check out this content fir the Streets of Rage settings. In case you are new to this process, and you are not sure if you can pull it off, then you do not need to worry because you do not need to possess any special skill for the X360ce app.

How to Download the X360ce

Downloading the X360ce Emulator for this game is not so complicated. By the way, X360ce is an Emulator the allows a USB controller to emulate an Xbox 360 controller. This is because Xbox 360 controller is designed to worm perfectly for PC, while USD controller cannot work perfectly without an emulator. With that stated, steps on how to download X360ce is stated below:

  • First, you access the x360ce official site via this link
  • Then at the top of the site, you would find three options of the emulator to download
  • Select the 64bit version of the Emulator for download
  • Click it and your download would be and finish in a matter of seconds because it would only cost you kilobytes of your Bandwidth.

Once it is downloaded, extra it, and you are ready to make use of the X360ce app on your PC.

X360ce Settings for Streets of Rage 4

If you have been setting controllers using the X360ce emulator, then you do not need this section of this content. This is because no extra settings are required to make the USB controller function perfectly. With that stated, the X360ce Settings for Streets of Rage 4 includes:

  • Once you have extracted the Emulator, open it
  • Create a Xinput 1_3.dll by clicking the “Create” option when it appears on the screen
  • Select “Search automatically for settings” and Click next
  • Wait for the searching to be finished, then click finish.
  • you would be required to set the controller, but first, click the “Auto” icon to fill up the controller option and make it ready for configuration
  • Once it has been filled up, check to see if every button on the controller works perfectly, by clicking the icons on the controller and looking at the preview that is being displayed for you.
  • If it does not work perfectly, you can configure it using the controller option on the sides of the page. I recommend using the record option available when you click a button icon at the left side of the controller page.
  • Once you are done settings it, click save.
  • Copy and paste the controller icon including the .dll file created to the “Streets of Rage 4”.

And with that, you are set to play Street of Rage 4 using your USB controller, or any other controller that is not Xbox 360. You can also make use of the steps above for other games, and trust me it works for most games.

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