2020 Resident Evil 3 X360ce Settings for Any PC Gamepad Controller (TESTED & WORKING)


If playing the 2020 Resident evil on your PC is what you are looking forward to, then you need the X360ce Settings for 2020 Resident Evil 3, most especially if you are no making use of an Xbox 360 controller. Playing the Resident evil 3 in the PlayStation 1 console was really fun. and I had a lot of fun playing and killing zombies, but with the Remake, I had a much better and clear experience and fun. For that reason, if you are looking forward to the same kind of fun, I had using a PC joystick, then expect your prayers to be answered because I would be giving you the X360ce Settings for 2020 Resident Evil 3.

2020 Resident Evil 3 X360ce Settings for Any PC Gamepad Controller (TESTED & WORKING)

First of all, if you want to play any PC game, I recommend you make use of an Xbox 360 controller for playing any PC game.  But in case you do not have any, or you cannot afford one, then you need the X360ce setting because it is the best way to use a different kind of Controller for your PC gaming experience. Now with that stated, you need to know what the X360ce is. In case you have never heard of it before, X360ce is an Emulator that emulates any PC joystick to an Xbox 360 controller. Now that you have an idea of what it is, let us proceed to the settings part.

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How to Download X360ce Emulator

Before setting it, first you need to download the emulator on your PC. Downloading this emulator is not so hard, and it costs no fee or charges because the makers made it free for all users. And if you are worrying about bandwidth, you need to get that off your mind because it would only cost the Kilobytes of your bandwidth to download the emulator. With that stated, steps on how to download the X360ce includes:

  • Open any browser on your PC
  • Then enter the URL x360ce.com
  • When the site open, you would find different options of X360ce at the top of the site, click the 64bit version since the 2020 Resident Evil 3 is a 64-bit game.
  • Once you click it, the download would begin and finish within a few seconds.

Once you have downloaded the game, extract it and you are set to make use of the Emulator for your controller.

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X360ce Settings for 2020 Resident Evil 3

You totally do not need this process if you have been making use of the X360ce emulator before because the settings remain the same, you do not need any extra tweaking or something else. But if you are new to this, follow the process I would be giving you on the X360ce Settings for 2020 Resident Evil 3. The steps include:

  • Open the emulator you downloaded and extracted
  • Create an Xinput 1_3.dll by clicking the create icon when it appears on the dialog box
  • select “search automatically for settings”
  • and Click next
  • Wait for the searching to be concluded, then click finish.
  • Set the controller, but first, click the “Auto” icon to fill up the controller option and to prep it for configuration
  • Once it has been filled up, check to see if everything fits perfectly by clicking the buttons on the controller and looking at the preview that is being displayed for you.
  • If it does not fit perfectly, reconfigure it using the controller option on the sides of the page. It is best that you use the record option
  • Once you are done settings it, click save.

Once you have saved it, close the emulator, and copy the controller app alongside every dll file created to the file location folder of the 2020 Resident evil 3. And with that, you are set to play your game. It is that simple, with this you would be killing zombies and fighting monsters in a matter of minutes using your controller.

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