Top 3 Ways to Advertise Your Business on Google


You want to increase your customers but do not know the tops ways to advertise your business on Google. A very good way of improving your businesses is advertising online, online advertising is all the rage now since almost everything is done through the internet. In this digital age when someone wants to know about something, they search the internet.

Top 3 Ways to Advertise Your Business on Google | CHECK NOW

Tops Ways to Advertise Your Business on Google

When people search about something related to your business product, your advertisement will show be a part of the result that Google will show them that is if you have something related to what they are looking for. Here are tops of ways to advertise your business on google.

1. Using Google Maps.

Now you may wonder what does Google maps have to do with advertising your business. This map helps when it comes to navigation, imagine someone browses on the internet about a product and your ad pop up he or she would like to know where your shop is located and might need to get there using a map. If you have an online store or you receive orders and deliver this might not be necessary.

2. Using Google Ads.

Now, this is a well-known method of making an advertisement. When you use this method of advertisement you add show on websites and on Google search engine. It is quite easy to use Google ads to make an advertisement for your business.

AdWords Express. This is Google ad service for small business owners that do not want to have to deal with the numbers and the different settings associated with Google ads. This services are automated and setting it up is pretty easy.

3. Google + Business.

Now, this platform allows you to promote a post, special deals and contents to a wide a range of users or audience. This is a great way to advertise your business as it is a social platform that connects you to different people.

The above listed are top ways you can use Google for ads and the most popular is Google ads.

How to Create a Google Ads Account

One the first thing to do before making your advertisement is to create a Google ads account and here is how you can do such.

  • Firstly visit the Google ads website and click on start now.
  • On the new page, you will be taken to create a username, enter your email address and password.
  • Now verify your account by visiting your email address and clicking on the link sent to you by Google ads.
  • Once you are now signed in you will be tasked to create your first advert. You can choose the settings to your preference.

Note that in the creation of your advert you will have to provide information such as budget, location, a network which are where you want your ad to appear, the keyword which are terms that will trigger your ad, bid which is the highest you are willing to pay for your ad and text Which is the contents of your ad.


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