Top 12 Best Lyrics Apps for Android and iOS Devices | No. 9 is My Favourite


If you are looking for amazing lyrics apps then this article got you covered. You will be informed of the Top 12 Lyrics Apps for Android and iOS Devices in this article that will help you get lyrics of songs without so much as breaking a sweat.

Top 12 Best Lyrics Apps for Android and iOS Devices | No. 9 is My Favourite

The best part of listening to your favourite songs is knowing the lyrics and that way you can be able to sing along and feel the vibe of the song. We have taken out time to handpick the best lyrics apps for Android and iOS devices. All you have to do is choose any out of this list so you can get the lyrics of whatever songs you want.

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Top 12 Lyrics Apps for Android and iOS Devices.

This list below are the top 12 lyrics apps for android and IOS devices:

1. Camena

This app allows you to see the lyrics of the song you are listening to on your iOS device. You can access other songs on the album as well as swipe left in other to enjoy album art. This app works well in offline mode for lyrics that are saved to your local drive. If you wish to see the artist picture, swipe right, you can also see upcoming events and other artists. It allows you to highlight your favourite lyrics which you can share with your friends on social media.

2. Genius (Android)

This amazing app will show you the lyrics of a song only since it does not have an in-built music player. It is compatible with every music player. It also provides facts and background about the story behind the tracks. The app can also show you a video of songs if you search manually.

3. Shazam

This app shows you the lyrics of every song you search for on a single tap. This app works on Android phones as well as the iPhone and it is used by millions of people every month. you can search for the lyrics of a song by title, artists, and also by video. It has offline features that allow users to use it offline as well, you can get a song and search for it when online.

4. Lyrics Mania

This app provides information related to a song and its artists and it also shows lyrics for songs playing on an external music player. This app supports lyrics search and song detection. It allows you to create an image with quotes from the song lyrics which also allows you to personalize the postcard, you can share the postcards on social media if you wish.

5. Lyricsmint (Hindi songs)

This app gives you lyrics for the latest Hindi movie songs and also non-film songs (though not all). The app search lyrics with the links given in credit. It also lets you save your favourite songs; it is also easy to use.

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6. Song Lyrics Music Free

For android users, this app provides millions of song lyrics which you can download for free. The app includes songs from all genres like pop, rock, metal to mention but a few. Very fast and light, it will not consume much of your phone memory.


This app shows you the lyrics of a song once you play a song. The app allows users to search for lyrics in more than 12 languages English inclusive. The app has features that show lyrics in floating windows. Users can check for song lyrics while doing other things on their mobile. Also, users can split-screen if they do not like the floating window.

8. My Lyric Book

This app for iOS devices lets users upload, save, and edit their own lyrics. The app does not include lyrics but will show lyrics for songs that you have already downloaded.

9. Musixmatch

Users of the iPhone and android can use this app. There is an external music player for lyrics, YouTube also included. It comes with an in-built music player that will list all locally stored songs in a neat interface. You can also play songs from inside the app. It provides a floating lyrics widget meant for external players. The app creates quotes from songs, provides a variety of information, and also translates lyrics in real-time.

10. Lyric Library

For users of Android, this app allows you to write, save, edit, read as well as share lyrics. You can also add a chord to your lyrics. You can search and download lyrics online; you can also organize lyrics by folders. An interesting feature of the app is that it has back up lyrics.

11. MetroLyrics

This is an iOS app and it has one of the largest databases of lyrics. It also has a manual search engine. An amazing feature of the app is that it can find out what people in your region are listening to, and it is called the mapping feature. It allows you to view the biography of musicians, albums, photos, and relate the news.

12. BlackPlayer

This app is actually a music player that stores the lyrics of songs. As you are listening to a certain track, tap the cover of it and the lyrics will appear on the screen, that is how easy it can be. If there are no lyrics, it is not marked in the track settings and you just need to add it. If you are online, “you can search on the internet” and the app will find and download the lyrics of the song you want. You can also access the lyrics offline.

These are the top 12 lyrics app for Android and iOS devices, with these you can get the lyrics of any song you want. You can also take a look at details about the artist and other related news.

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