States in Nigeria that can Use Uber Services | CHECK NOW

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It is no surprise that some Nigerians are not aware that there are states in Nigeria that can use Uber. Uber is a great way to move around and as a user, you are able to book rides on your smartphone through the company mobile app. You get an estimated cost of the ride on the app as it calculates sit in line with your destination. One of the amazing things about Uber is that you do not have to worry about having cash on hand because when you registered in the app you entered your credit card details so the fare is deducted from your account.

States in Nigeria that can Use Uber Services | CHECK NOW

States in Nigeria that can use Uber

Its no doubt that Uber is not the first taxi service in Nigeria but one thing that Uber had brought to the table is the use of ease with technology. So instead of calling a taxi to take you to your destination and paying according to your negotiation with the driver, you can estimate the fare before you book a ride and you do not have to worry about being cheated by the driver.

There are two major states that Uber can be found in Nigeria and they are Lagos and Abuja. If you live in these states then you are in luck because Uber has made it easier and safer for you to move about.

How to Book or Schedule an Uber Ride in Nigeria

Listed below are the steps to follow when using Uber service in Nigeria.

  • Firstly download the Uber passenger app. It is available for both iOS and Android devices.
  • Create your account when you open the app. You will be requested to fill your profile which includes details such as names, address and credit information.
  • Select a pick-up location and your destination. View the cost and choose your driver. To do this at the bottom of the screen you will see different drivers with their type of cars available in your area and estimated cost.
  • Select confirm to select the one you think is cheaper.
  • To ensure your security the driver dies not to see your destination until you get in the car and they commerce the trip.
  • If you are paying with your card make sure you inform the driver before commencing the journey as some uber drivers prefer cash payment so make sure to let them know your payment method to avoid any issues.
  • When you have been taken to your destination the cost of the ride will be displayed to the driver’s app and make sure to check it.

How to Cancel a Booked or Scheduled Uber Ride in Nigeria

Sometime something may come up and this could lead to us wanting to cancel your scheduled ride. There is a cancellation fee attached but if you send the cancellation on time there will be no need for you to pay a fee. Here is how to cancel a scheduled ride on Uber.

  • At the upper left of the app tap on the menu button which is three horizontal lines.
  • Tap on your tips and click on the upcoming tap.
  • Once the page appears to click on cancel ride which is under the trip you want to cancel.

If you have been charged a cancellation fee unjustly you can report it to Uber letting g they know about an unknown charge.

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