How to Get the Showmax 14-Day Free Trial | Showmax Features


Showmax 14 days of free trial is a great way to start and get a feel of this online platform. You have heard about showmax and you are not sure if it is for you that is why the 14-day free trial is available for you. Showmax is not like regular television and with this platform, you have access to a numerous list of movies, series, kids show and documentaries that you can watch anytime you want, all that is needed is an internet connection and a smart device.

How to Get the Showmax 14-Day Free Trial | Showmax Features

Showmax 14-Day Free Trial

Smart devices you can use are smart TV, laptops, tablets, smartphone or connected DStv explorer. Using showmax watch all your favourite shows and catch up to all the movies or episodes you have missed with no add break when watching movies or shows. As internet plans become cheaper service showmax becomes more popular as you get instant access to shows or movies you want to watch.

How to Get Showmax 14-Day Free Trial

Showmax offers a 14-day Free try to its first-time users. This trial gives them unlimited access to the service and here are the steps to get it.

  • Visit and sign up. You will need a valid email address and create a strong and special password.
  • After doing the above fill in your credit card information. Note that this is a free trial and you will not be charged until the trial expires.

You can start watching movies, series, documentaries with your unlimited access and you can easily cancel anytime.

Reason Why You Should Use Showmax | Showmax Features

  • Signing up is easy and quick. You can sign up with two steps, by either filling in your details or by signing up with Facebook.
  • You get access to exclusive shows first in South Africa and it gives you access to international and local movies with something for everyone.
  • Showmax has the best of South Africa television.
  • You can stream showmax on your smart TV, laptop, smartphone, apple tv and even Google Chromecast. You can also stream showmax on two devices simultaneously and register up to five devices.
  • This feature was added by showmax to allow you to download movies for offline viewing. You can download up to 25 movies and series combined. It available for thirty days for offline viewing.
  • You can upgrade to a monthly subscription which varies and you can pay in your local currency. It is also quite simple to add your showmax bill to your DStv bill.
  • You can upgrade without using your credit card. To do this you can purchase showmax vouchers. There three different vouchers available for monthly subscription, three months subscription and six months subscription. Once you have purchased a voucher, it is activated at the store and you can enter it into the showmax website to initiate your subscription.
  • With this platform where are not fix contract, hidden fee or penalty so, you can cancel anytime. After signing up for free you will be charged once the trial period is over. If you have already subscribe and you cancelled you will still have access to it’s program until your subscription expires.


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