Selling On Facebook Marketplace – Facebook Marketing

When it comes to marketing and advertising services, business owners cannot afford to not use social media’s. As a matter of fact, they are lots of social media platform in the world today that offers users the opportunity to use this service. Well, using top-notch social media’s like Twitter or Facebook for business is very lucrative. Users can use the Facebook marketplace service to utilize social media marketing services.

Selling On Facebook Marketplace - Facebook Marketing

The Facebook marketplace is a service that offers users options to buy, sell and discover items around their community. These items come in two ways, which includes used or new, this is an opportunity for users that want to start selling on Facebook. Users can just put in mind that this service offers an opportunity to use a Facebook page to sell stuff.

Facebook Marketplace Rules – Facebook Marketing

Many business owners with a solid social media strategy seek for means on how to use Facebook to sell. Well, thanks to Facebook Marketing services available business owners will be able to achieve this goal. Users can use the Facebook marketplace to begin to visualize their social media marketing strategies. With this, users looking for how to sell through Facebook will access the following services.

  • Interact with potential customers using Facebook messenger.
  • Reach out to more customers online.
  • Advertise products in Facebook marketplace categories that customers will easily find.

The above are the services users are certainly going to access if they wish to start using this Facebook marketing service. Users that want to start selling on Facebook with this feature have to ensure their product complies with the Facebook marketplace rules and Facebook commerce policies. If that is in place, users with motives on how to sell through Facebook will be able to utilize this amazing service.

This Facebook marketing feature is available in certain countries for now. Users with interest in using marketplace need to ensure they reside in countries that can access this feature. Although it’s a must that users have to be old enough to use this service. The official age to be able to use this feature and start selling on Facebook is 18 or older.

How To Sell Things Through Facebook Marketplace

Users with interest in selling on the Facebook marketplace can easily do this on the application and desktop browser. Yes, users With questions can I sell on Facebook now have answers to that question in particular of course it’s possible to sell on Facebook with this service. Users can sell on the marketplace feature via the following means.

  • Facebook App on Android and iOS devices.
  • Facebook website on PC running on Windows or Mac operating system.

The above are the places users can sell on Fb marketplace. Although before users use any of the above means they need to ensure an active Facebook account. This is because users will need to carry out Facebook login to access the service on the Fb app or

How To Start Selling On Facebook Marketplace Via Android and iOS Device’s

Users that own devices with Facebook app installed on them can start selling on Facebook marketplace. This Facebook ecommerce feature is something users can use on the go via their mobile device be it Android or iOS. Users with interest in selling on Facebook marketplace can do this with the following steps.

  1. Connect your device to an active internet connection.
  2. Launch the Facebook app on the Android or iOS device.
  3. Complete Facebook login if necessary.
  4. Tap the Marketplace Store icon at the top side on the Facebook app homepage.
  5. Tap the Sell option on the Marketplace page.
  6. Choose a category for the item you want to sell.
  7. Add an image of the item you want to sell.
  8. Input a title for the item you want to sell.
  9. Enter your Facebook selling price for the item.
  10. Tap the Next button.
  11. Choose the places, Facebook Buy and Sell groups you want the item ad to show.
  12. Tap the post button.

Immediately after the above steps the item will go update and go upload on the Facebook marketplace the ads will also show on the Facebook groups and places the user selects on the steps above.

How To Start Selling on Facebook Marketplace Via PC

Facebook marketplace settings also offer users that own desktop or laptop computers options to sell their items. Users with PC (Personal Computer) running on a Windows or Mac operating system can start selling on Facebook marketplace with the steps below.

  1. Connect your PC to an active internet connection.
  2. Launch your PC web browser.
  3. Open the Facebook website with the URL on the web browser.
  4. Complete the Facebook login process if necessary.
  5. Click on the Marketplace Store icon on the left sidebar on your Facebook account homepage.
  6. Click on the Sell Something button on the left sidebar.
  7. Input a name for the item you are about to sell.
  8. Input the Facebook selling price for your item
  9. Enter a location for your item.
  10. Choose your item category.
  11. Click the photo icon at the bottom of the pop-up page.
  12. Select and upload images of the item you want to sell.
  13. Click the Post button.

After the above steps, the item the user wishes to sell will upload and go live on the Facebook marketplace page. Once the ad uploads users will begin to receive messages from potential customers via the Facebook messenger. This one of the resourceful ways users can use Facebook marketing services.

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