How do I Search Facebook Marketplace

Sell or buy on USA, UK and Canada marketplace. Users can search the Facebook marketplace or Fb online market page for cars, furniture, and many other items. Facebook marketplace is a platform available to only Facebook users, the marketplace allows them to buy and sell it in.

Search Marketplace Facebook Near My Local Community - Facebook Marketplace Buy Sell Nearby Me

When on the Facebook marketplace you can decide to deal internationally or locally, either way, you get what you want. Facebook marketplace, unlike Facebook Messenger, is not a separate application on its own, it’s embedded in Facebook like Facebook buy and sell groups. When buyers enter the marketplace, they can search marketplace Facebook local or worldwide.

Only Facebook users will be able to enter and use the Facebook marketplace and search marketplace Facebook local, if they want to buy from a seller in their location or international if they want to buy from a seller at a distant location. When buying from a distant location, the prices may differ because of delivery or pickup charges. Facebook marketplace is free to use for both sellers and buyers.

Search Marketplace Facebook Local – How to Buy on Marketplace Facebook

Buying on marketplace Facebook can be done by either browsing through the categories or when you search marketplace Facebook local or international. With the following steps, you can know how to buy on marketplace Facebook

  1. Connect your device to an active internet connection
  2. Launch the Facebook app or go to your web browser and log on to the Facebook web
  3. Login to your Facebook account with your Facebook login credentials (sometimes this wouldn’t be necessary because you will be automatically logged in)
  4. Once on your Facebook home page, click on the marketplace icon
  5. The marketplace will be opened by default, use the search bar to search for an item you want or you can browse through the categories.
  6. Once you have seen the item you want to buy, open the product page and click on ask for details to start a conversation with the seller

To buy locally on Facebook, use the search bar then input the name of the item you want to buy followed by near me e.g. cars near me when this is done, Facebook will use your location to display the cars available for sale in your current location.

How to Open Facebook Marketplace – Opening Facebook Marketplace

It’s only by opening Facebook marketplace you will be able to search marketplace Facebook local when you want to search marketplace Facebook local, ensure that your device GPS is turned on

  1. Launch Facebook
  2. Login to your account if not automatically logged in
  3. On your Facebook home page, tap on the shop icon to open Facebook marketplace

You will not be able to access the Facebook marketplace if the marketplace is not available in your current location or if you are less than 18 years old.

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