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When it comes to sharing pictures online, there are lots of web platforms that provides means to do this. Well, users do this on social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, and many others or free email platforms like Gmail and Yahoo mail. Other than these platforms, users can also share picture images with their friends on - Upload Screenshot Images | Share Print Screen Online is a web platform where users upload screenshot images for sharing purposes. Yes, this amazing platform offers this services and does it with style. This platform is a great place for users to share images they screenshot on their devices easily. This article contains everything users need to know about this amazing website.

Features Of – Print Screen tool | Lightshot App

This is a very amazing web platform for users that love to screen grabbing images on their device. Yes, the platform makes it possible and easy for users to share pictures they screenshot from their device. The device can be desktop, mobile, or tablet devices. There are basically two ways users can screenshot images on their device to share on and they include.

  • Using a print screen tool.
  • Manually screenshot. offers users opportunity to download Lightshot print screen tool to their device. This amazing software is available for Mac and Windows operating system devices. Users can also download the extension version for Google Chrome web browsers. With this software, users will be able to print screen easily. The software has options users can use screenshot any page they like on their device.

Other than using the Lightshot print screen tool, users can also manually screenshot images on their device. This option comes in handy for users with devices that cannot run the Lightshot app. Users can do this on Android, iOS, desktop and laptop devices. To do this users have to know what button to press on their device.

  • Android: Volume down + Power off or Sleep button.
  • iOS devices: Home + Power or Sleep button.
  • Laptop and Desktop with Windows operating system: Windows + prt sc button.

The above details are the button combination users can use to print screen on the devices above. So users in search of how to print screen can use the combination of the buttons above to do so on their device. Well, the main service that offers its users is sharing screenshot images. Users can share images they screen grab on the platform.

How To Upload Screenshot Images on – Share Print Screen Online

Users that have images that they want to share with their friends can use this amazing platform. has a screenshot image uploading tool and is very easy to use. Users do not need to carry out any registration process or pay before they can use this option. The option is totally free to use as long as users know how to upload screenshot images. Well, users can upload one with the steps below.

  1. Connect your device to an active internet connection.
  2. Screenshot the page you want to share manual or with the Lightshot print screen tool.
  3. Open the web browser on your device.
  4. Open on the web browser.
  5. Click on Browse images.
  6. Select and click on the image you want to upload on

Immediately after the above steps, the will generate a link that contains the user’s image. Users can share this link to anybody they like via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or any other means. Yet again, users can also upload screenshot on by dragging the image they want to share to the website homepage. Users can also create an account on the platform if they want to view all their activities on the platform.

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