Top 30 Popular Facebook Instant Games to Play with Friends | No. 10 is Fun


There are tons of ways to have fun on Facebook. Every day those ways just keep on multiplying because Facebook would stop at nothing to make their platform much better and convenient for the user. Facebook instant game is not a new platform on Facebook but it has made the platform a lot better and fun for all. Millions of users on Facebook use Facebook instant games every single day, at least that should tell you it is a nice platform to have fun. Popular Facebook Instant Games to Play with Friends.

Top 30 Popular Facebook Instant Games to Play with Friends | No. 10 is Fun

if you have ever used Facebook instant games before you should know that the platform contains thousands of interesting games to play for free. plus, there are games of almost all if not all categories on the platform. there you would Find shooter games, sports, racing, puzzle and more. The instant game is not like any other top gaming platform. just like the name implies, Facebook instant games is a platform that features game of lesser graphics (does not feature top games) but the games are interesting and fun to play with both your friends, yourself and family.

Just like I previously stated, there are thousands if not millions of popular Facebook instant games to play with friends, so if you are new to the platform you might have a hard time finding the latest and best games to play. So, in this article, I would be given you popular Facebook instant games to play with your friends.

Popular Facebook Instant Games to Play with Friends

Playing the popular games with your friend on Facebook instant games means that you might be competing with thousands or millions of other players for either the highest score or the winner of the game. Although there are tons of games, I would be giving you the first top 30 popular games on Facebook instant games. They are:

  1. Jewel academy.

  2. Mahjong trails blitz.

  3. Super dash.

  4. Zoozle blitz.

  5. Bat climb.

  6. Wordalot express.

  7. Master archer.

  8. Daily sudoku.

  9. Uno.

  10. Words with friends.

  11. Ludo king.

  12. Basketball.

  13. 8 ball pool.

  14. Draw something.

  15. Quiz planet.

  16. EverWing.

  17. Ninja Go.

  18. Hanger.

  19. Connect the Dots.

  20. Stone Dash.

  21. Race Kings.

  22. Run race 3D.

  23. Slap king.

  24. Run race.

  25. Crazy Football.

  26. Dig it.

  27. Hamburger.

  28. Tap bird.

  29. Ball hop.

  30. Sand balls.

How to Access Facebook Instant Games

Accessing Facebook instant games is very easy. You can access the Facebook game on almost all platform that can open Facebook. e.g. you can access Facebook instant games on your Android device, iOS device, and Windows device. To access Facebook instant games, all you have to do is:

Mobile devices

  • Open the Facebook app available on your device
  • Locate the menu icon and click it
  • Scroll down the page and you would find a gaming icon
  • Click the gaming icon and you would be on the “instant games” platform.


  • Open your web browser
  • Open Facebook web
  • Once the page opens you should find the Facebook instant icon at the left section of the page
  • If you do not see the icon, scroll down and you would find it there
  • Click it and you would be on the platform in no time.

At least with that, you should have no hard time accessing Facebook instant games on your device.


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