How the OPay Scan to Pay Cash Back Feature Works


OPay is having widespread growth all over the country at present. It has also been successful in its endeavor so far. OPay is a brilliant payment platform designed by the creators of the popular opera mini-app. Evident in its full name which goes by opera pay. It’s a platform that enables anyone to make payments for purchases of products and services online.

How the OPay Scan to Pay Cash Back Feature Works

The OPay scan to pay cashback feature operates on mobile phones platform. So, in order to get this feature, you would need to download the OPay app from the play store for Android users. With this brilliant app, you could buy mobile data for your browsing needs and pay for utility services such as your electricity bills. OPay supports bank transfers from mobile banking apps as well as card payments with Mastercard and Visa.

OPay Account

All new users will be required to open a new OPay account, and the cards used in OPay can also be saved in your OPay account, to speed up the process of making future payments when the need arises. With your account also comes a wallet feature. And in your wallet, you can store money from your banks via the card payment methods or transfer method for future use for an even better sped up payment process.

Once there’s money available in your wallet, you won’t be troubled to use cards from your banks for payments. You can just use the amount of credit available in your wallet for any purchase. There is also more to your wallet than making quick and easy payments. With your wallet, you get to receive bonus points from OPay, as well as cashback offers. And we’d like to discuss more on the OPay cash back feature in this article.

How the OPay Scan to Pay Cash Back Feature Works

Firstly, what are the cash backs? Well, it might suggest several definitions, but in this article, the most likely meaning we are interested in is that of the bonuses you get from using a payment platform. A Cashback as we are interested in is a type of financial transaction that’s associated with bank cards, such as your debit or master cards, that offers you extra credits.

OPay as an online payment platform offers several bonus points and cash backs on various types of financial transactions. These bonuses could see changes over time, but some of the cash backs and bonuses from OPay is that of making your first deposits and buying airtime. Cash backs and bonuses can also vary in quality and degree, depending on the provider.

For instance, the Cashback and bonus for making your first deposit into your wallet is 100%, and that for making purchases of airtime could be 20%. One interesting cashback feature is the OPay Scan to Pay feature. What this implies is that if you use the OPay Scan feature for making payments instead of the usual wallet or card method, you’ll get bonuses and cash backs. Cash backs are usually introduced in other to promote a certain type of feature or payment method. In this case, the cashback on OPay Scan encourages users to make payments using the opera scan to pay option.


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