Top Netflix Sci-Fi Movies and TV Series to Watch this Year 2020

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Love science fiction movies then you would want to know about the Netflix Sci-Fi movies and TV series to watch this year 2020. Netflix is an online streaming service that allows its members to watch a wide variety of award-winning movies, TV shows, documentaries and more on your internet-connected devices. Using Netflix you enjoy unlimited ad-free viewing of its contents and there is always something new to discover.

Top Netflix Sci-Fi Movies and TV Series to Watch this Year 2020

There is nothing exciting for terrifying as watching science fiction movies which provide a window into fictional, potential ant cataclysmic universes. Netflix had over the years amassed quite a collection of contents hundreds if not thousands of science fiction movies, that features sharks, crocodiles, giant squid, and shabby animation and others. Though not all are bad and there pretty amazing sci-fi movies you would love.

Netflix is a service that is basically the stuff of science fiction movies with a huge repository of motion pictures available.

Netflix Sci-fi Movies to Watch

Since nobody loves to watch movies that are poorly made here is a list of amazing 2020 Netflix sci-fi movies to watch.

  • Okja (2017).

  • Snowpiercer (2013).

  • Limitless (2011).

  • Blade runner the final cut (1982).

  • Ex Machina (2014).

  • Avenger infinity war (2018).

  • Inception (2010).

  • Men in Black (1997).

  • Her (2013).

  • In the shadow of the moon.

  • Videodrome.

  • Colossal.

  • Mars attack.

  • The world’s end.

  • Blade Runner 2049.

  • The Terminator.

  • Back to the future part 3.

  • The lobster.

  • Hell boy.

  • Under the skin.

You will find these amazing Sci-fi movies currently on Netflix and you would love them if you have not watched them before.

Netflix Sci-fi TV series to watch

  • Mortel.

  • The dragon prince.

  • Diablero.

  • The Hollow.

  • Van Helsing

  • Warrior nun.

  • The rain.

  • The order.

  • Black summer.

  • 3%

  • The wheel of Time.

  • She-ra and the princess of power.

  • The Ghost Bride.

  • V wars.

  • The – I – Land.

  • The ranch.

  • My halo love.

  • The dark crystal age of resistance.

  • Greenhouse academy

  • Raising Dion.

  • The protector.

  • Maniac.

  • The Society.

  • October faction.

  • Spectros.

  • Dracula.

  • Space force.

  • Another life.

  • Dark.

  • Kingdom.

  • The umbrella academy.

  • Love, death, and robots.

  • Lost in space.

  • Dark mirror.

  • Altered carbon.

  • Stanger things.

This list of TV series is in no particular order and you can find these sci-fi TV series currently on Netflix network.

How to Subscribe to Netflix

To start streaming movies or TV shows from Netflix here is how to subscribe to their service.

  1. Visit the Netflix homepage and click on sign up.
  2. From the page that appears choose the membership plan, you want to subscribe to.
  3. Create an account by entering your email address and create a strong and unique password.
  4. Enter a payment method and you have successfully completed your subscription.

Once you are a member of Netflix you will be billed once a month on the day you subscribed and you can cancel anytime you like if you feel it is not for you.

Netflix Membership PThis service offers three membership plans to suit your needs. These plans are.

  • Basic plan. This plan is a one-screen plan meaning you can only watch on one device in standard definition.
  • Standard plan. This plan is a two-screen plan meaning you can watch Netflix on two registered devices in High definition when available.
  • Premium plan. This is a four-screen plan meaning you can watch Netflix on tour devices and in ultra-high definition when available.

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