Top 20 Ndani TV Web Series to Watch | Check Out No. 19


Looking for Ndani web series? Well, this platform has produced amazing websites series that you can view from their platform. Ndani is Africa websites that portray African lifestyle through it movies and series. And if you have watched any of their movies or series you will love how well they act and portrays Africa. Though not as a wholesome part of it makes you feel connected to that are even if you have not been there.

Top 20 Ndani TV Web Series to Watch | Check Out No. 19

One of the most popular series of this website is the Skinny Girl in Transit. These movies show the struggle of girl who wants to become slim, the challenges, how the people around her acts, her friends and family. So this platform tried in its own way to show Africa to the world. You can easily visit the website by clicking on and you be taken there.

List of Ndani TV Web Series

Ndani TV has different series you can watch on the web and they are very popular among Africans as they are fun to watch alone, with friends and also with family. Here is a list of Ndani TV web series you can watch.

  1. 37 questions.
  2. Africa dreams.
  3. Analyze this.
  4. Digits.
  5. Fashion insider.
  6. Gidi Up.
  7. Just say it.
  8. Lagos big boy.
  9. Motion town.
  10. Ndani real talk.
  11. Ndani red carpet.
  12. Ndani sessions.
  13. Ndani short films.
  14. Officer Titus.
  15. One chance.
  16. Phases.
  17. Platinum standard.
  18. Rumour has it.
  19. Skinny girl in transit.
  20. The juice.

You can easily find Ndani short films, movies, series and shows on the web to watch online. You can follow the platform on Twitter and on Facebook.

Ndani TV on YouTube

Apart from viewing the movies on the platform you can easily follow them on YouTube and get notifications of any of their latest post. You can do this by the search for Ndani tv and subscribing to their channel. Even you do not subscribe to the channel you can also view already post videos on YouTube and catch up on any episodes you have missed or start watching one of their movies or series.

How to Register for Ndani TV

To enjoy wonderful access to this platform you will have to register and here is how you can register.

  • On the website homepage clicks on the menu button.
  • Now from the options that appear click on sign-in/ register to begin your registration.
  • Enter your personal information as required which includes name, date of birth, mobile number, email address, country and then click on join.

If prompted to enter any information make sure you fill it as required and you have now successfully joined the platform. You can also use your Twitter, Facebook and Google account to register.

How to Sign in on Ndani TV

Signing in is very easy. Just follow these simple steps.

  • Visit the website and open the menu section and click on sign in or register.
  • From the new page that opens up fill in your login details or uses your Google Facebook or Twitter account to log in.
  • Now simply click on login.


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