How & Where to Watch the Ndani TV TGIF Show | CHECK NOW


Hi guys! I’m sure by now you already heard a lot about Ndani TV and how fun it can be while having access to the various amazing TV shows that have been provided for your enjoyment. We are going to be talking about the Ndani TV TGIF Show but for the sake of those who don’t know much about the Ndani TV, we are going to be doing an introduction of the Ndani TV just to let you know how amazing Ndani TV is.

How & Where to Watch the Ndani TV TGIF Show | CHECK NOW

Basically, the name Ndani TV is coined out from particular Swahili language word which is Inside. This name was inspired to take numerous viewers inside Africa where they can learn more about African culture. As we all know, we have different countries in Africa with different cultures, Ndani TV brings us closer to all the amazing African cultures.

One of the ways the Ndani TV is rocking our boats is through the introduction of the Ndani TV TGIF Show. Anybody guessing the meaning of the TGIF in between? Well no need to rack your brain, The TGIF in the Ndani TV TGIF Show simply means ‘Thank God it’s Friday!’. This depicts why the show is always held every Friday for your enjoyment and relaxation.

How to Watch the Ndani TV TGIF Show

Ndani TV TGIF is a very amazing show. Believe me, when I tell you it is amazing, in the Ndani TV TGIF Show, you get to meet and know a lot about your favourite celebrities and entrepreneurs. I’m very sure most our minds are filled with so many questions to ask them all and we just don’t have the direct access to ask but luckily for us, the Ndani TV TGIF Show crew get to ask them most of these questions, you can know how to watch the Ndani TV TGIF Show by following this few steps:

  • Make sure you have an internet connection on your device.
  • Go to your preferred browser
  • Type in the URL
  • Congratulations, you can now access the Ndani TV TGIF Show online and start enjoying the show.

After following the steps above, you will have free access to watch as your favourite celebrities (be it in the music world or in the movie industry) are asked questions. Some of the questions they get right and some they get wrong but it is all about the fun right?! They all also get to play guessing games on the show which is one the fun-filled aspect of the show.

Guest Artistes that Have Been on the Ndani TV TGIF Show

The Ndani TV TGIF Show crew are very great at what they do because they ensure viewers get amazing and fun-filled episodes of the show every week. They get to invite two celebrities at a time and sometimes invite just one person, some of our favourite celebrities that have been invited to the Ndani TV TGIF Show are listed below:

  • FalzTheBahdGuy and Grace Ajilore.

  • BBnaija’s Mike and Perri.

  • BBnaija’s Tacha.

  • Timini Egbuson.

  • Wani and Buju.

  • BBnaija’s Ike and Diane.

  • Blaqbonez and Ckay.

  • Ms Banks – A British rapper.

  • Taymesa and Ms Pepo.

Above are just a few of the celebrities that have answered questions and played guessing games on the Ndani TV TGIF Show and you can get to know more by watching the Show every week!.


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