Is Ndani TV on DStv? Where to Watch Ndani TV Shows & Movies


DStv is a satellite cable that you can use to view show and movies and it contains hundreds of different channels. A lot of people are a fan of Ndani tv as it has amazing shows and series. That’s why those who have DStv are wondering if they have added Ndani tv on the DStv Channels list. Ndani tv is an online media platform for Africa entertainment meaning you can view Africa movie and TV shows on the platform.

Is Ndani TV on DStv? Where to Watch Ndani TV Shows & Movies

Is Ndani TV on DStv? Check Now

Are you wondering if Ndani TV is on DStv? If yes, continue reading to find out. Well, the answer to the question will make DStv owners feel bad cause the Ndani TV is currently not on DStv. Yeah, its no news DStv owners would want to hear but that does not mean they cannot enjoy the Ndani TV platforms benefits. You can view its shows on youtube and you can find out more about them and watch their videos by visiting their website You can know what shows they have, upcoming shows, released episodes and much more.

Ndani TV Shows

Ndani TV has different shows and they are very popular among Africans as they make you laugh and have fun in your comfort zone. Here is a list of Ndani TV shows.

  • 37 questions.

  • Africa dreams.

  • Analyze this.

  • Digits.

  • Fashion insider.

  • Gidi Up.

  • Just say it.

  • Lagos big boy.

  • Motion town.

  • Ndani real talk.

  • Ndani red carpet.

  • Ndani sessions.

  • Ndani short films.

  • Officer Titus.

  • One chance.

  • Phases.

  • Platinum standard.

  • Rumour has it.

  • Skinny girl in transit.

  • The juice.

These are the shows you can watch on Ndani tv.

Ndani TV Website Categories

When you visit the website and click on the menu button you will find categories on the option and these categories will show you different sections of the website.

  • Gtbank food and drinks.

  • About Ndani.

  • Business.

  • Comedy.

  • Documentaries.

  • Fashion.

  • Food and recipes.

  • Ndani inspiration.

  • Ndani movies.

  • Ndani music.

  • Ndani series.

  • Ndani sessions.

  • Ndani special.

  • Ndani short.

  • Ndani lifestyle.

  • Ndani talk show.

  • Ndani travel.

How to Register for Ndani Tv.

To enjoy wonderful access to this platform you will have to register. Here is how to register.

  • On the website, homepage click on the menu button.
  • Now click on sign-in/ register on the new page that appears click on register.
  • Enter your personal information as required which includes name, date of birth, mobile number, email address, country and click on join.

Enter any information if required and you have successfully joined the platform. You can also use your Twitter, Facebook and Google account to register.

How to Sign in on Ndani Tv

Signing in is very easy. Just follow these simple steps.

  • Visit the website and open the menu section.
  • Click on sign in or register.
  • From the new page that opens enter your login details or use your Google Facebook or Twitter account to log in.
  • Now click on login.

You have now successfully login into your account on Ndani tv

Ndani Tv on YouTube

Are you a YouTube lover? If yes, then you can enjoy Ndani tv too. All you have to do is search for ndani tv on YouTube and subscribe to its channel. And get notifications on any new releases on youtube and keep up to date with your favourite Ndani tv shows and movies. Also watch movies, short films, series and much more all at your fingertips.


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