MTN HyNetflex Broadband Data Plans and their Subscription Prices | CHECK NOW

Since the introduction of this service, everyone wants to know MTN HyNetflex broadband data plans. MTN HyNetflex is a broadband internet service from MTN Nigeria. This service offers users blazing-fast browsing and downloading speeds. It provides it’s subscribed customers with enhanced broadband access to make a download of large files and online video streaming more seamless.

MTN HyNetflex Broadband Data Plans and their Subscription Prices | CHECK NOW

MTN HyNetflex Broadband Data Plans 

This high-speed Internet service is a wonderful offering, even though it is mainly targeted at a small business, home offices and medium-scale businesses it offers super-fast, broadband Internet connectivity to multiple users at the same time. This service is ideal for businesses with large data download or large media streaming needs which regular internet service may not be able or fast enough to handle. Here are it’s data plans offered.

HyNetflex Monthly Plans

The monthly plans are for thirty days.

  • 12GB cost four thousand Naira (4000).
  • 25GB cost eight thousand Naira (8000).
  • 45GB cost eleven thousand Naira (11,000).
  • 100GB cost eighteen thousand Naira (18000).
  • 160GB cost twenty-five thousand Naira (25000).

Other Capped Plans

For this plan, the days vary.

  • 280GB for sixty days cost thirty-six thousand Naira (36000).
  • 360GB for ninety days cost forty-five thousand Naira (45000).
  • 800GB for one hundred and eighty days cost ninety thousand Naira (90000).
  • 5TB for three hundred and sixty-five days cost one hundred and fifty thousand Naira (150,000).

Unlimited Data Plans

  • Bronze plan- for seven days costs five thousand Naira (5000). After using 25GB speed may reduce to 512kbps.
  • Silver plan- for thirty days cost twenty thousand Naira (20000). After using 105GB speed may reduce to 512kbps.
  • Gold plan- for thirty days cost thirty thousand Naira (30000). After using 105GB speed may reduce to 512kbps.
  • Platinum plan- for thirty days cost sixty thousand Naira (60,000). After using 420GB speed may reduce to 512kbps.

MTN HyNetflex Customer Benefits

This service is really amazing especially to those that consume a lot of that in their business and at home. MTN HyNetflex seen as an internet breakthrough for many especially due to poor network in the country and it affects business in major ways. MTN HyNetflex lets it’s customers enjoy the following benefits which will make you want to be part of this wonderful service.

  • Hundred percent data bonus for the first six months of activating the service
  • Connecting anywhere across the country, with 3G and 4G coverage areas, at super-fast speeds.
  • Connecting multiple users from a single router.
  • Activating flexible data plans that suit your needs.
  • Stream, upload, and download files with ease.
  • Mtn HyNetflex comes with Four ports for LAN cable connection.
  • It comes with an MTN Standard SIM Card.
  • The MTN HyNetflex is Portable and takes little desk space.
  • It can easily be moved about because of its portability.
  • It comes with a free Bluetooth and Desk-phone offer which is valid while stock lasts.

These are just a few benefits of this amazing service. Enjoy this MTN’s broadband service that allows you to do more and enjoy more internet by spending less of your money.

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