Minno Free Kids App Features | How to Download the Minno Kids App


The Minno Kids App is an application that gives Christian parents all over the world access to Christian shows, movies, and daily devotionals to develop their kids Christian Life. The Minno kids App makes it a lot easier for parents to keep a tab on what their children are watching on Television because it consists of every Christian entertainment needed that will not have a bad influence on the kids

Minno Free Kids App Features | How to Download the Minno Kids App

The Minno Kids App catalogue has been carefully selected and managed by their team so it makes it a whole lot safer to and use and at the same time, it teaches kids more about Jesus Christ. The Minno Kids App is available on iOS, Android, Amazon, Roku, TVs and Web as long as your device is actively connected to the internet.

When you sign up on the Minno Kids App, you can easily stream freely for 7 days after which you will be charged $6.99 every month. The Minno Kids App is the best for you as a parent if you tend to worry a lot about the content on the Television your kids are being exposed to. By using the Minno Kids App, they will be able to learn more about God in an entertaining way.

How to Download the Minno Kids App: Steps/Procedures

As a parent, for you to be able to access the TV shows, movies and devotionals that are on the Minno Kids App, the first thing to it need to do is to download the Minno Kids App. Downloading the Minno Kids App is not hard at all, all you have to do is to follow the simple steps below:

  • Make sure your device is connected to an active internet source.
  • Go to the google play store
  • On the search bar on the home page, input Minno Kids App
  • After this, the App will be displayed and you can click on download.
  • Once you click, your download will start and be completed within seconds.

You can start enjoying the Minno Kids App and all the amazing features it has to offer after following all the steps above.

Minno Kids App: Features

The Minno Kids App is accessible for use in any location you are in the world, you just make sure you have an active internet connection and you’ll be able to access every service online. Also, you need to take note that since the subscription are charged in USD, a little conversion fee will be charged if you’re not purchasing within the US. Below are some features of the Minno Kids App:

  • You can easily download your favourite TV shows and videos for your kids
  • You can stream on multiple devices at the same time
  • The Minno Kids App is available on the iOS, Android, Amazon, Roku,tvOs and Web.
  • There are 128 shows and more are being added.
  • You can enjoy over 25 episodes of Veggie tales
  • Unlimited streaming.

As you can see in this article, the best App for you to entertain your kids and at the same time educate and enlighten them about the ways of God is the Minno Kids App so you can follow the steps above, download and begin to enjoy!


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