MadLipz Voice Over Video App Features – How to Download


Thanks to the internet, socialization, and entertainment services are easy to access. In fact, majority device owners seek for apps and games they can use to socialize and entertain themselves. With many platforms offering this kind of service, users tend to be picky and are only the popular ones. MadLipz app is a new platform that users will find interesting.


MadLipz Voice Over Video App Features - How to Download

MadLipz app is an application to record voice notes and use its to dub short video clips. It’s a very wonderful app and brings amusements to its users. There’s a lot of amazing things to use and access to this app. It’s left for users that own a device that can access its services to run get it. Well, all that this article is about so users can just use the information it offers.

MadLipz Voice Over Video App Features 

MadLipz app comes with many options users can use to make short comedy video clips. This amazing app has many things for its users to use in making MadLipz videos that tend to go viral. This app is available in two languages which are English and Russian. The owner of this amazing entertainment producing software is Eigenuity Inc.

Creating videos in this app involves the dubbing of existing video clips. Users get to change audio contents in video and replace it with their own personal audio voice recording. There are many ready to use videos for users to use on MadLipz app. Users can select from these Madlipz videos and create a totally new one by dubbing it with their voice recordings.

Another mind grabbing feature is the new features of MadLipz is the applying of the subtitle to videos during the dubbing process. This feature makes it easy for users to illustrate or clarify people on their messages in MadLipz videos. Users get to access options to sub Madlipz videos on the app while they are doing voice-over video app clips.

After creating videos on this amazing voice over video app, users can share them with friends. There’s an option to share Madlipz videos to social media on the app. Users can share new MadLipz videos with friends on different social media. From the app, users can share and get views from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many others. Users get to manage their profiles containing their works on the MadLipz app.

How to Download Madlipz App on Android and iOS Devices

With the kind of services the MadLipz app offers, many device owners look forward to using the app. Well, the good thing is the app is available to use on Android and iOS devices. Users can download the app from their respective allocation stores. The app is easy to download, users just have to ensure there’s enough storage on their device. The steps to download the app includes.

  1. Connect your device to an active Internet connection.
  2. Launch your device application store. This includes the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices.
  3. Input the Keyword Madlipz in the search option.
  4. Tap and enter the app download page from the search result.
  5. Click the install or download button.

The app will begin to download to the user’s device after the above steps. After it finishes downloading, it will automatically install to the user’s device. Once the installation process is complete, users will be able to dub, sub and share video clips on the MadLipz app. Users can download the app on any Android and iOS devices with the above steps.


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