15 of the Best Legal Websites to Download Movies for Free | No. 3’s the Best


If you want to download movies do bad, then you need to check out my list of the 15 of the Best Legal Websites to Download Movies for Free. If you have been downloading movies before from a site that offers it free for you, then you need to check out my list because there must be a great site that does better than the one you are making use of. I have downloaded a lot of interesting movies from the sites am about to give to you, so you do not have to worry about having to deal with downloading a movie.

15 of the Best Legal Websites to Download Movies for Free | No. 3's the Best

15 of the Best Legal Websites to Download Movies for Free

Below is a nice list containing 15 amazing legal sites that you can get movies from, and trust me, this list has your interest in heart, so expect all kinds of movies download from the sites below. They include:

1. The Internet Archive

This site is like a goldmine of movies for fans who are looking forward to amazing movies. This site comes with some great free movies that are worth your watching time. Previously they provided links for download, but because of the size of the movies, they often fail to download. But now with the help of torrent links, you can easily enjoy hundreds of movies without having to spend a penny.

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2. YouTube

YouTube is another great platform to download movies from. It offers more than 100 complete feature-length films on its platform. This makes a great perfect free movie website for people who cannot afford a Netflix and Hulu content. YouTube has some great movies like the IP Man, Kung Fu Killer, Zookeeper, terminator, and more.

3. Retrovision

With this site, you can get your hands on some amazing classic and free TV shows in the public domain. This site also has an interesting Android app called UHF with which you can grab and watch movies on the go.

4. Hotstar (for India)

This site remains a great source of streaming Indian movies. The site has a great number of Indian movies, plus a great user interface. It also has an interesting app too if you want to watch it on the go.

5. The Roku channel

The Roku channel now is accessed on the internet and could be even if you do not have a Roku hardware. The site features some great movies like last knights and some other top interesting tv shows.

6. Crackle

This site is an amazing website for free movies online, and it is owned by Sony. The site offers you a lot of movies to watch, all you have to do is to sign up and create a watchlist. The site even has an Android and iOS app as well, which is an obvious plus point.

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7. Kanopy

This website is a collection of free movies on a site. Users with varieties of library cards can access Kanopy video collection of movie titles making use of the Kanopy site or app. It reaches out to 4,000 campuses and public libraries worldwide, but mostly in the U.S.

8. Vimeo

Vimeo has a great collection of free movies. This site has a clean layout, and it is a great place for movie fans to free independent movies online and even documentaries.

9. Pluto

This service offers you the chance to watch over 75+ channels from different categories. It has channels that are based on news, TV, movies, tech, sports, and other popular sections.

10. Yahoo View

This site for streaming movies online has all the important content sorted in a clean interface. You are free to choose any genre of your choice by tapping the large rectangular icons. The site also hosts free movie trailers and TV shows.

11. Open Culture

This site offers you high-quality videos from all over the world. This site is basically a home of free movies, free online courses, free language lessons.

12. PopcornFlix

This site is a movie streaming platform that is owned by screen media ventures. The site offers a lot of public domain movies and original content. You make use of this site to view content on absolutely any kind of device you want.

13. Hulu

Hulu is a subscription-based streaming website. It is also available for a free account but comes with limited content. Without any need to download movies, you get to stream over 100 free movies.

15. IMDb Freedive

This service has been made free to all Fire TV owners in the United States. It has a pretty impressive collection of TV series and movies to watch and promises to add more content.

Now, this is my list of 15 of the Best Legal Websites to Download Movies for Free. There are definitely more amazing sites out there, but these sites offer you the best for free.

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