53 Latest Best African Movies to Watch


Looking for the latest African movies. Well, I do not blame you as over the years Africa has been creating some amazing blockbusters that you can even watch on Netflix so it is not quite a surprise if you want to know what they have prepared for 2020. This 2020 has been a surprising one as Hollywood has bombarded us with amazing released and upcoming blockbusters that have us at the edge of our seats.

53 Latest Best African Movies to Watch

Latest African Movies

Everyone is talking about it and now you are wondering about the latest from Africa. Some of you do not even know the name of the movie industry in your country and some countries have more than one movie industry. It is quite unfortunate that the Africa movie industry is not quite as organized as Hollywood where you already know upcoming movies and their release dates. For the Africa countries with the popular movie industry you can only Know of them when they are about to be released and adverts are being made.

So you will have to keep browsing the internet or watching cable TV to get in the know of what African latest movie is out for you to enjoy and also hope that as the years roll on Africa movie industry will rival Hollywood. Though Nollywood has become the largest film industry in Africa and has surpassed Hollywood in the number of movies it has produced it still needs to grin other areas.

List of Best Africa Movies

Since the latest African movies could not be provided here is a list of best Africa movies you have to watch.

  1. The Battle of Algiers (Algeria).
  2. Sambizanga (Angola).
  3. Divine Carcass (Benin).
  4. N!ai, The Story of a!Kung Woman (Botswana).
  5. Yaaba (Burkina Faso).
  6. Gito, l’ingrat (Burundi).
  7. Our Daughter (Cameroon).
  8. The Island of Contenda (Cape Verde).
  9. Le silence de la forêt (Central African Republic).
  10. Abouna (Chad).
  11. The Grand Marriage (Comoros).
  12. Viva Riva! (the Democratic Republic of the Congo).
  13. M’Pongo (Republic of the Congo).
  14. Adanggaman (Cote D’Ivoire).
  15. Sounds of Sand (Djibouti).
  16. Cairo Station (Egypt).
  17. Where The Road Runs Out (Equatorial Guinea).
  18. Milena (Eritrea).
  19. Liyana (eSwatini/Swaziland).
  20. Teza (Ethiopia).
  21. Dôlè (Gabon).
  22. Welcome to the Smiling Coast: Living in the Gambian Ghetto (Gambia).
  23. The Cursed Ones (Ghana).
  24. Dakan (Guinea).
  25. Mortu Nega (Guinea-Bissau).
  26. Rafiki (Kenya).
  27. The Forgotten Kingdom (Lesotho).
  28. Murder in the Cassava Patch (Liberia)
  29. Lion of the Desert (Libya).
  30. Tabataba (Madagascar).
  31. The Last Fishing Boat (Malawi).
  32. Yeelen (Mali).
  33. Waiting For Happiness (Mauritania).
  34. The Cathedral (Mauritius).
  35. Ali Zaoua: Prince of the Streets (Morocco).
  36. Terra Sonâmbula (Mozambique).
  37. Taste of Rain (Namibia).
  38. Akounak Tedalat Taha Tazoughai (Niger).
  39. Ezra (Nigeria).
  40. Grey Matter (Rwanda).
  41. Sea and the Jungle (São Tomé and Príncipe).
  42. Black Girl (La Noire De…) (Senegal).
  43. Bolot Feray (Seychelles).
  44. Paradise Island (Sierra Leone).
  45. The Somali Dervish (Somalia).
  46. Tsotsi (South Africa).
  47. Jamila (South Sudan).
  48. Tajouj (Sudan).
  49. Maangamizi: The Ancient One (Tanzania).
  50. Halfaouine: Boy of the Terraces (Tunisia).
  51. Who Killed Captain Alex? (Uganda).
  52. I Am Not A Witch (Zambia).
  53. Neria (Zimbabwe).

The movies listed here are among the best in their country and portrays life correctly there or has an amazing history of the country. You can watch most of the movies on YouTube if you have not seen them.


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