Is Olx Still in Nigeria? Olx is Now Jiji | CHECK NOW

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Is Olx still in Nigeria? The first question we need to ask is, what is Olx? The Olx is a platform based market place used for buying and selling services and goods such as furniture, household goods, cars, bikes, fashion items, electronics and so on. The founders are Fabrice Grinda and Alex Oxenford who are partners. Olx provides online classifieds in so many international versions which include those for India, Spain, Portugal, Mexico and South Africa.

Is Olx Still in Nigeria - Olx is Now Jiji | CHECK NOW

Is Olx still in Nigeria? Olx is a classified platform for the advert that connects various people in different places for buying or selling and exchange of used goods through their various devices and online. Olx is operating in forty-five countries and has an estimated number of fifty-four million listings for goods on sale monthly.

We’re sure you would have been expecting an answer to your question, so the answer to your question, Is Olx still in Nigeria is a No. Olx no longer has their operations carried out in Nigeria this is because the Olx which is one of the most popular online services in Nigeria has closed down its shops as directed by Naspers who are the owners of Olx.

Is Olx still in Nigeria: Reasons Why They no Longer Operate in Nigeria

Is Olx still in Nigeria? Olx is no longer in Nigeria because the owners of Olx wanted it to shut down all its operations in every African country except one African country which is South Africa. This decision must have been due to some vital reasons which were not avoidable and had to be attended to. Some of these reasons are written in this article for your awareness:

  • The market competition between Olx and became high and it started becoming obvious that the latter was gaining the upper hand.
  • Olx had to close down because they could not get the expected profits on their investment so they had to make a decision to make a recovery through their investments in Nigeria and this decision that was made led them to dismiss a lot of their employees.
  • The Old was closed down because they needed to consolidate the international operations of the company.

Is Olx still in Nigeria: Is Olx now Jiji

There are has been various questions arising after the shut down of Olx in Nigeria with people asking if Olx is now Jiji. Actually, Jiji has acquired Olx in Nigeria. Jiji is a fast-developing online classifieds marketplace for exchange of goods and services, therefore Jiji has acquired Olx in the following countries:

  • Nigeria.
  • Ghana.
  • Kenya.
  • Tanzania.

As a part of the agreement, the users of Olx in Nigeria will be given directions to the Jiji marketplace through a transaction supported by one of Jiji’s major investors which is Digital Spring Ventures and this statement was made by Naspers.

All the above information written are detailed and true, it is actually real that Olx is no longer in Nigeria. This is the answer to the question Is Olx still in Nigeria.

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