IROKOTV Subscription Fee 2020 | How to Register on IROKOTV


IROKOTV is an online platform that gives subscribers access to countless Nigerian films on-demand. Irokotv was officially launched on the 1st of December,2011. IROTV is a site for movie streaming that allows you to have access to over five thousand Nollywood movies and we say boldly say with no doubt that IROTV is one of the largest suppliers of African movies to subscribers.

IROKOTV Subscription Fee 2020 | How to Register on IROKOTV

We’re quite sure in this article that a lot of lovers of African movies would want to subscribe to IROKO TV this year and thus it is of necessity to know about the IROKOTV subscription fee 2020. This way when you know the price of the subscription, you will be able to plan it with your budget. In this article, you will get to know that the IROKOTV subscription fee 2020 is not expensive to afford at all.

Other than knowing the IROKOTV subscription fee 2020, it is will be an addition of knowledge to know that the primary purpose IROKOTV was founded for was to create a platform for the sales of African movies online. The IROKOTV has their branches in Johannesburg, Lagos, Newyork and London respectively and they also supply the largest distribution of Nigerian movies world-wide.

IROKOTV Subscription Fee 2020

As said earlier in this article, the IROKOTV Subscription fee 2020 is quite pocket friendly and easily affordable for all. Below are the IROKOTV Subscription fee 2020 plans available for subscribers to choose from:

  • The IROKOTV Subscription fee 2020 has a yearly plan which goes for the price of three thousand Naira (#3000) only for a whole year.
  • The IROKOTV Subscription fee 2020 also has a three months plan which costs one thousand Naira (#1000) only.

Those are the available IROKOTV Subscription fee 2020 plans available. You can pay for these plans with your bank, debit card or any other method suggested to you. We have been getting reports that the weekly and daily plan will soon be implemented but for the time being, the yearly and 3 months plans are the only plans on the ground.

How to Register on IROKOTV: Steps/Procedures

The basic thing to know before being aware of the IROKOTV Subscription fee 2020 is to register on IROKOTV, this way you can access their services online. In this article, we’ll be giving you some straight forward steps to  register on IROKOTV :

  • Get your device connected to an internet source.
  • Select your preferred browser
  • Visit the official sign up page of IROKOTV.
  • Input your information for the email or mobile number sign up and tap on Sign up.
  • Wait for the instruction to input your verification pin.
  • Once your number is verified, create a pin which you will be using to log in and click on confirm.
  • After all these steps, choose your preferred subscription plan by tapping on the > button.
  • Select your preferred method of payment either through the bank or your credit card
  • Congratulations, you have successfully registered and subscribed on IROKOTV.

Now that you know the IROKOTV subscription fee 2020 and also how to register on the IROKOTV, you can have access to your favourite African movies and begin to watch them.


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