35 Awesome IROKOTV Nollywood Movies to Watch | Check Out No. 18


IROKOTV movies are amazing, and this platform has made a wave in the entertainment industry. Iroko TV can be said to be one of Africa’s biggest platform for Nollywood movies and it is a large content provider for millions of people in Africa and other parts of the world making it one of the online leading streaming service in the world. This platform allows you to download from their website and also watch both Nollywood and international movies.

35 Awesome IROKOTV Nollywood Movies to Watch | Check Out No. 18

Though iroko TV originally started as a YouTube channel it has grown from its humble background to becoming a full-fledge website and having other branches. Iroko TV is a large distributor of Africa movies in the world like no other. Iroko TV is well-loved not only because of the movies it provides but also because of its ease of use.

List of IROKOTV Nollywood Movies to Watch

You can find great movies on Iroko movies and here are some of the movies you can watch on Iroko movies.

  1. Wedding party.
  2. When love happens.
  3. Iyore.
  4. Single and married.
  5. Jenifa’s diary.
  6. 3 is a crowd.
  7. Ovy’s voice.
  8. Married to the enemy.
  9. Forgetting June.
  10. Kiss and tell.
  11. Dry.
  12. Being Mrs Elliot.
  13. A private storm.
  14. They will be done.
  15. A time to heal.
  16. Stolen lives.
  17. 2 broken.
  18. Curse of seven.
  19. Hazeezat.
  20. Power of 1.
  21. Knock out the blessing.
  22. Cajole.
  23. North East.
  24. The northern affair.
  25. Child not bride.
  26. Brave.
  27. The dust Grave.
  28. My African Wedding.
  29. Anchor baby.
  30. Hoodrush.
  31. Excess luggage.
  32. A trip to Jamaica.
  33. Tiwa’s baggage.
  34. Stranger than ever.
  35. Flower girl.

These movies can be found in the Nollywood section on iroko TV. So you can subscribe to iroko TV to get access to all these movies and more.

How to Download the IROKOTV App

Here are the procedures required for you to be able to download the Iroko TV app and it is available for both Android and iOS users.

  • With an internet connection visit the Google play store or the Apple app store and search for Iroko TV.
  • From the result click on the app and click on install.
  • The app will be downloaded and installed into your device.
  • Open the app after installation and register or log in to your account.

You have now successfully had the Iroko TV app in your device.


Do you know you can watch iroko TV on some cable TV well if you didn’t know you know? Iroko TV led into this venture to raise funds and it is also a success. So if you did not have the means to subscribe online you can find out if your cable TV has it as a channel. Cable TV such as GOtv and Startimes have iroko TV as a channel and they just newly joined a cable TV company in the U.k. cable TV is known as Sky Tv. But if you are on the online subscription you can connect your laptop to your TV using an HDMI cable and watch your favourite movies on your television at home.


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