How to Watch Live Football Matches on the Go in Nigeria | Apps are the Best


In this article, I would be giving you How to Watch Live Football Matches on the Go and more. Ever since the Pandemic, a lot of things had to stop including sports. During that period watching Football, matches were only possible with old football matches not Live. But now that they are back, you would definitely be looking for the best means to gain access to soccer matches to watch on the go. Right now, most of the major leagues are back, and if you are having issues with how to watch Live matches especially when you are very busy then this content is here for you.

How to Watch Live Football Matches on the Go in Nigeria | Apps are the Best

Before the Pandemic, watching live matches was easy if you do not have a subscribed Broadcast Satellite. All you need to do was visit a viewing centers. But now, that might be hard for people in some countries since they are not even allowed to go out. So how do you watch live football matches on the go? Exactly what am about to tell you in this content, just keep on reading and you would be amazed at how easy you can stream a Football match on the go.

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How to Watch Live Football Matches on the Go

There are a lot of ways you can go through with that, and you would find those means really interesting. As a football fan, you should not hesitate to go through this content since it would really help a lot. The means on How to Watch Live Football Matches on the Go includes the following:

Direct Broadcast satellite

As long as you have been watching football before, you definitely should have heard about a Direct Broadcast Satellite. As a matter of fact, a lot of people have seen this the best way to watch a football match since with the current technology today, the services now provide a much clearer and more high definition view. One of the best Broadcast satellites to do that is the DStv. So far, they have been seen to deliver the best Broadcast satellite service in Africa, and they offer live matches from different leagues on the Go.

There is also another interesting satellite service to visit, and just by making use of them, you would never miss your favorite live match on the Go.


There are lots of interesting apps that would give you live matches on the go. If you have used anyone before, then you should know how interesting their experience can be. apps for lives matches on the go includes:

  • MOBDRO: this is a streaming tool that is was designed to search for free streams that is available on the web and make it a lot easier to access on your mobile device. this app would grant you access to more than just sports, telling you how interesting the app can be. this app gets you access to live matches on the go and it serves as a Broadcast Satellite app with more channels.
  • DStv Now App: if you own a DStv has upgraded a lot and now they created their own app, called the DStv Now App. this app lets you watch and stream live matches on your phone and Tablets. You can do more than just watch live matches; you can also watch other DStv programs on the app. the app works according to your DStv subscription.

There are lots of other apps available on Playstore and even online, but The DStv and the MOBDRO are the top most useful apps to watch live matches. You can also make use of “LIVE FOOTBALL TV STREAMING HD” that can be downloaded from Google play store to stream your live match, but it only offers limited options.


Another famous way to watch live matches online is via websites. There are millions or probably hundreds of millions of websites today, and some of them are based on streaming live matches. So, you can make your research for sites to stream live matches on the go, and trust me you would not be disappointed. Some of these sites are even legalized web site for doing so there would be no jailbreak activity there.

And that is the best way to watch live matches on the go. There are definitely other ways to do it, probably a lot, but the means on my list are easier and faster solutions that would give you what you want especially during this COVID-19 Pandemic.

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