How to Use Spotify in Nigeria on iPhone


Music is taking a whole different dimension with the availability of many digital music streaming apps we have around today. Spotify, being one of the biggest musical apps we have around, with over 200 million monthly subscribers is one that is drawing our attention today as we shall be looking at what makes this music streaming platform stand out and how to use Spotify in Nigeria on iPhone.

How to Use Spotify in Nigeria on iPhone

How to Use Spotify in Nigeria on iPhone

Before I proceed to tell you how to use Spotify in Nigeria on iPhone procedures, it’s worthy to state the fact that Spotify, for some reason does not endorse its use in every country across the world. Nigeria, for instance, and some other African countries ( South Africa excluded) are not supported with the use of Spotify. However, there are ways to achieve this regardless of the geographical barrier of your area.

For people who want to use Spotify in Nigeria on the iPhone, your first step is to get a good VPN on the App Store. The VPN, or Virtual private network as it is fully called, help you to protect your current location form being shown whenever you’re on the internet, particularly when the activity you’re doing may not be supported within your current location.

After downloading a suitable VPN from the App Store, then you can go on to download the Spotify app from the App Store of your device. Below are the steps involved :

  1. Tap on the App Store icon on your iPhone to launch
  2. Enter the keyword ‘Spotify’ on the search bar of the App Store’s homepage and hit the search button.
  3. Tap on getting to begin the installation on your device.

After these, the app should download and install automatically on your device at once. So whenever you want to use the Spotify app, you need to first activate your VPN and set it to a location like the US or the UK, as these locations tend to provide the most services on the network.

Spotify Features

Spotify is a digital music streaming network that brings a different kind of flavor to the ears of music lovers. This platform is available on both desktop, smartphones and tablets. With Spotify, people get to do a lot more than just listening to music. Before we discuss how to use Spotify in Nigeria on the iPhone, let’s take a look at some of these features that makes the app worth having. These Features include :

  • Sharing music, videos, and podcasts to your other social media platforms
  • The concert feature that lets you know when and where your favorite artist are performing live.
  • Following artists and friends on Spotify, this way, you always get a notification whenever your favorite artist releases a new song, album or EP.
  • The private listening feature that gives you a private session, people who follow you on Spotify can see what you’re listening to, this way people who follow you on Spotify will not know what songs you’re listening to.
  • The video feature that allows you to watch music video, documentaries and other music-related videos within the app.

So you see, Spotify is more than just listening to music, which is people keep signing up and subscribing to the platform, where the music never gets boring, or old for that matter.


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