Complete Guide on How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC


Are you looking forward to a Complete Guide on How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC well this content would give you what you need? If you have used an iPhone before, or you have taken a photo using an iPhone, you should definitely know that they have one of the best cameras when it comes to the smartphone. Now, if for some reason, you want to transfer a picture you took with your iPhone to your PC, then follow the steps I would be giving to you and have your mind blown away.

Complete Guide on How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC

There are several methods you can make use of when you want to go through this process. You can choose to do it wirelessly, or you can do using an iPhone USB cable. Or, if you have your photos stored in the cloud, you can transfer it from iCloud to your PC. Whichever method is convenient with you, expect it in this content. So, if you want to make use of the picture as your profile picture, want to use it in your Facebook on your PC, or you want to transfer it from your friend, then this content is what you need to do that.

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Complete Guide on How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC

In the previous paragraph, I stated the three methods that are possible for transferring pictures, and now below I would be giving you what you need on the Complete Guide on How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC. They include:

Using an iPhone Cable

To me, this is one of the most straight forward processes, and anyone who regularly transfers file from smartphones to PC should be able to figure out this process without even looking at the methods. All you have to do to transfer using a Cable is:

  • Get a well functional Cable (a cable that does not only charge your iPhone but a cable that enables transfer).
  • Connect the cable to your PC and your Smartphone
  • Make sure to enable the transfer
  • Then on your PC, go to This PC click on the iPhone option that appears after you connect the phone.
  • With that, you would be able to access the photo library on the smartphone. Click any folder to select pictures. Copy and paste the pictures you want on your PC.

Note: any other transfer aside photos is not possible on the iPhone. And you cannot transfer any application, videos, or photos to the phone, you can only take from it.

Using iCloud

This method is not so complicated, but to go through with it, you need to have an iCloud account. iCloud is a storage service offered by Apple. This allows you to upload media from your iPhone to your iCloud account. You can choose to upload those photos from your iCloud to other devices. To transfer from iCloud to Phone:

  • You need to download the iCloud for Windows app into your computer. Click this link to download it right away.
  • Once it is installed, sign in using the same Apple ID (the ID the same as the one you use for your iPhone app store account)
  • Open the iCloud for Windows on your PC
  • Make sure a checkmark is placed next to photos
  • Select the iCloud photo Library option. The select download new photos and videos to my PC.
  • if you want your iCloud account to upload photos directly to your PC library, then check Upload new photos and videos to my PC.
  • Click done. Then click apply.

With this, any new photo you take would be uploaded into your PC automatically as long as your WI-FI is on.

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Using Windows AutoPlay

To go through this process, first, you need to have windows 7 on your PC. This is mainly because Windows 7 computers do not have a photo app.

  • First, connect your computer to your iPhone. Allow the phone to access the computer when prompted.
  • The enter passcode.
  • When the iPhone connects to your computer, an Autoplay window should open. Click Import Photos and videos (ensure you select the option with photos beneath it, rather than the Dropbox option).
  • With this, all your photos would be imported from your iPhone and copied into your pictures folder.

Once they have been imported, they would be organized automatically into folders by date of the import.

And these are the main methods of transferring photos from your iPhone to your computer. if you go on the web, you might find other interesting methods, but so far these are the best I have come across so far.

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