How to Set Up Facebook Ads Step by Step – Facebook Ads Creation | Facebook Ads Manager

It’s no doubt social media has become one of the lucrative places for business owners to advertise their business. Well, this is no news since the majority of the people using the internet owns a social media account. Facebook is one of the most popular social media users can use to advertise their businesses online. That’s why users search for means on how to set up Facebook ads.

How to Set Up Facebook Ads Step by Step – Facebook Ads Creation | Facebook Ads Manager

When it comes to how to set up Facebook ads, Facebook provides options for business owners to use to actualize this service. They are lots and lots of Facebook account owners looking for how to advertise their businesses through Facebook. Well with this article users that find themselves in this kind of situation will know what to do.

How to Set Up Facebook Ads Step By Step

Looking for Facebook ads creation steps? Well, users need to put in mind that it’s no big deal as long as they know where and when to utilize this Facebook advertising service. First of all, users need to put in mind that payment applies and they need a Facebook page, be it business or normal. when setting up Facebook ads and also. Once this is place users can start setting up ads with the steps below.

  1. Connect your device to an active internet connection.
  2. Launch your device web browser.
  3. Open the Facebook website with the URL on the web browser.
  4. Complete Facebook sign in if necessary to access your Facebook account.
  5. Open your Facebook page from the Facebook home feed by clicking on the icon.
  6. Click the Ads center section from the top part of your Facebook page.
  7. Click the create ads button.
  8. Select the Facebook marketing objective of your choice.
  9. Upload images of your choice and enter the information regarding explaining what you want to advertise.
  10. Define your audience.
  11. Input your budget for the Facebook ad you want to do including its duration.
  12. Click promote.

The above contains details on how to set up ads step by step via Facebook page. They are different types of Facebook Ads users can create on a Facebook page. It depends on what and where the user wants to drive traffic to. Apart from the above means, users can also set up Facebook ads from Facebook ads manager.

Facebook Ads Creation Via Facebook Ads Manager

 Users can also advertise on Facebook through Facebook adverts manager. To do this users will need an active Facebook ads manager account. Users can own one by simply clicking on the create ads option on their Facebook page or Facebook business manager account. With Facebook ads manager users will be able to create, manage, optimize and keep track of their Facebook ads.

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