How to Send Money to Australia from Nigeria

In this article, we are going to be going through how to send money to Australia from Nigeria and the online transfer platforms you can utilize. Not every single online money transfer platform can handle the two countries of interest with regard to the international transfer you wish to make. This is because not all platforms support the conversion of all available currencies. In this case, we need the platform to support the Australian dollar AUD and Nigerian Naira NGN currencies.

How to Send Money to Australia from Nigeria

Knowing how to send money to Australia from Nigeria with the right platform allows you to safely send money to Australia from Nigeria without encountering problems or extra fee charges. And if there happen to be charges applied in some cases, using online transfer platforms are always at a cheaper rate than doing the transfer via banks.

Needs for Sending Money to Australia from Nigeria

The knowledge of how to send money to Australia from Nigeria can come in handy in various scenarios such as paying for products in Australia or paying suppliers of your goods in Australia or to pay off a mortgage or loan in Australia. And other reasons include sending money to friends, family members, or to pay a bill in Australia.

Online international money transfer platforms are great for businesses who wish to carry out transfers of money to Australia from Nigeria. Businesses might find the need to send money to a client in Australia from Nigeria or to pay off employee’s salaries. And to successfully transfer these payments or funds to Australia from Nigeria they would require notable international money transfer platforms such as the ones listed in the next section that can manage payments in multiple currencies.

List of Platforms to Send Money to Australia from Nigeria

So without further discussion let’s get straight in on the list of three of the best international online money transfer platforms that you can use today to send money to Australia from Nigeria.

  • Transferwise. It is claimed that Transferwise offers the cheapest money transfer fee rates. Transferwise supports the AUD and NGN currencies and even up to the other 26 currencies. It’s famous amongst many who carry out these kinds of transfers regularly. And the fact that it has millions of users with high and happy reviews goes a long way to show it’s a success.
  • Worldremit. While transfer wise is notable for its cheap rates when you wish to send money to Australia from Nigeria, Wordlremit is known for its speed and fast delivery rates. It does not compromise low transfer rates as well. Worldremit ensures International transfers are made easily, quickly and safely. You can track payments and ensure funds successfully arrives at its destination.
  • Transfermate. Send money to Australia from Nigeria easily with Transfermate. It supports both country’s currencies and you can make international transfers directly to a bank account. You are guaranteed secured transfers as well using Transformate.

So there you have it. If you ever wish to send money to Australia from Nigeria to family members, friends or make payments for services, you don’t have to look further for the platforms to use as we’ve highlighted the best ones available for your money transfer needs.

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