How to Sell Things on Jiji Online Shopping Platform | CHECK NOW


One of the best ways to do buying and selling online is in Jiji. Jiji is the largest Nigerian online market and it was started in the year 2014. There is hardly anything you wish to buy and sell that cannot be carried out on Jiji, anything you wish to buy is available and you also get to sell to your items to people all across the country.

How to Sell Things on Jiji Online Shopping Platform | CHECK NOW

How to sell on Jiji is not a complicated thing to do but you need to know everything that the Jiji website entails because Jiji is a site where you can start your own personal business in fact selling on Jiji is very lucrative as it connects you and creates an awareness of your goods to various people, from there you can start communicating to them all

In knowing how to sell on  Jiji, you have to know that registering on Jiji does not require payment if any kind because it is absolutely free of charge. All you have to do is to open your store and you can download the Jiji app and with the time you can get to have your business progressing even when it is offline and communicate directly to your customers.

How to Sell on Jiji: Steps/Procedures

How to sell on Jiji will require you to know some steps and procedures that you must observe to be able to effectively sell your products online and have a well-grounded relationship with your customers. Below are some few steps we have coined out to help you out :

  • Open the site Jiji and you will see post FRIEND. Tap on it you will be required to fill a form for posting any good for sale on the next page.

  • You can post an Ad and fill all the necessary information required of you to fill.

  • Submit the information that can be used to contact you and tap on “Pos”.

The above steps in this article are instructions that you can easily follow to know how sell on Jiji but alternatively, you can also follow the procedures stated below:

  • The first step is your registration on Jiji.

  • Then take a few pictures of your goods and upload them

  • Click sell.

  • Congrats! You can start communicating with customers all across the country.

How to Open a Jiji account.

One of the basic and most essential things to do when knowing how to sell on Jiji is that it is very important to open your Jiji account, only then can you be able to access and maximize all the buying and selling services that Jiji has to offer. The steps below will go a long way in guiding you.

  • Go to the Jiji sign up page on your device.

  • There are various options that you can select for signing up. It can be through your Facebook account, your Google account or you can choose to fill it yourself.

  • After that, create a valid and unique password. Note: Do not reveal your password to anyone for security reasons.

  • When you are done filling all the required information. Tap register.

  • Finally, when you are registered, you will be directed to your page.

The above steps are straight forward procedures you can follow to open your Jiji account when you want to know how to sell on Jiji.


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