Complete Guide on How to Reset Your iPhone or iPad


if you want to reset your iOS device, then you need to go through the Complete Guide on How to Reset iPhone or iPad which I would be giving you in this content. If you have been having issues with space, or you are planning to sell your iPhone, and you want to reset it, then go through the Complete Guide on How to Reset an iPhone or iPad. Some people occasionally restore their iPhone to Factory settings just ton solve some minor issues related to their device.

Complete Guide on How to Reset Your iPhone or iPad

Well whatever reason you choose to reset your phone, first you would need to back up your device because a Factory restore will erase all the information and settings you have ever made on your iPhone and install the latest iOS software. You can consider the Factory setting as Buying a new iPhone.

Basically, iPhone would want you to back up your iPhone before resetting it, but if you just want to take out everything, then you can ignore the Backup. I have done this a few times and it worked perfectly the way I wanted it to, my iPhone came out as new, and if you want yours to function that way, then follow the steps I would be stating for you below.

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How to Backup your File Before Resetting your Phone

Just like I stated before, it is important for you to back up your files before resetting your smartphone, that is if you want to still make use of your old files. But you can still ignore this process if you do not want to keep any file. Steps on how to back up your files include:

  • To back up on iCloud, first, connect to a Wi-fi Network
  • Then go to settings>iCloud then iCloud Backup.
  • Hit the back up now icon and your files will be stored on your iCloud account and linked to your Apple ID.

You can check if the backup was successful by going through the settings, iCloud, iCloud storage, and manage storage. This would show you the time and the size of the last Backup. And once you have confirmed it, you are free to back up.

How to Reset Your iPhone or iPad

Erasing all your documents, setting, photos and other files from your iPhone using the Reset option is not so complicated. All you have to do to go through this process successfully is to follow the steps stated below:

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  • First, go to your settings > general
  • On this list, tap “reset” on this list
  • Here, you would be faced with a lot of reset options. To remove the entire content of the device, tap Erase all the contents and settings.
  • Once you click that, you would be asked to Back up then Erase Now and Cancel.
  • If you select the Back up then Erase option, the iOS will Backup the iCloud data and prompts you to enter the passcode for the device and restriction passcode.
  • Finally, Tap Erase iPhone. Then enter the Passcode for the Apple ID and tap the Erase button.

And with this, all the content on your iPhone or iPad would be totally erased completely and your iPhone would begin as a new device.

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