How to Read Free Song Lyrics on Ketomob Website


How to Read Lyrics on Ketomob Website – Looking for a convenient website where you can download everything you want on your mobile phone? By everything, I mean music, lyrics,  videos, games, applications, themes, wallpapers and many more; is one website that’s got you covered in all these aspects. Ketomob still continues to remain relevant even after being around for quite some time now.

How to Read Lyrics on Ketomob Website

ketomob is an online web portal where mobile phone users can go to download media contents like music, videos, themes, applications, and other relevant stuff to keep their phones lively. is also a website where users can read lyrics to their favorite songs. The lyrics are well written and are from trusted sources, making it one of the most reliable websites for music and lyrics.

ketomob Website Review

Ketomob has been around for some time and is still regarded as one of the most relevant sites for downloading most media content. Ketomob is mostly desired by fans because it is very accessible and requires no form of payments or subscription to have access to its library of contents. Moreover, the site is continually updated every day for the latest songs, videos, and games. Ketomob is now running under the domain name

Ketomob is more of a Java phone’s website than Android’s, nevertheless, the site still has quality games for Android devices, apart from games, the app is generally accessible and quick to download even with a not so fast Internet connection; large files are compressed into small sizes and still retain the quality of the contents, which is another reason why people consider ketomob as users’ favorite.

How to Read Lyrics on Ketomob Website

Everything on the website is fast and easy to use, from downloading contents from the site, down to looking up lyrics on the site. In this article, we shall explain how to read up lyrics to your favorite songs from ketomob website, follow the steps below and you shouldn’t have challenges reading lyrics from ketomob:

  1. Ensure you have a stable Internet connection on your device.
  2. Open any preferred browser on your device and log on to to get started.
  3. On the homepage, navigate down to the bottom and select “ song lyrics “.
  4. You may decide to search for lyrics by the song’s name or by the artist’s name, make your choice and search by using the first alphabet of the artist or the song.
  5. After selecting the first alphabet, navigate through to check for the song’s lyrics you want to read. If it’s not on the first page, you may use the numbers below the screen to navigate from the first to the last search entries.

Once you find the song, tap on the song and the lyrics should load immediately, on this page, you can now conveniently read the lyrics as many times as you want on the screen before leaving the page.


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