How to Post an Advert on Jiji for Free | Steps/Procedures


Jiji is an online Nigerian marketing system that allows you to market and sell your products to people all over Nigeria online. If you are a business-oriented person and you intend to make your products known to the masses on Jiji, then it is necessary for you to know how to post an advert on Jiji for free because this will help your products sell faster.

How to Post an Advert on Jiji for Free | Steps/Procedures

How to Post an Advert on Jiji for Free

Knowing how to post an advert on Jiji for free is very essential, this way your items can be displayed online for people to see and decide if they are getting your products but your advert you will create has to be a very great and unique advert because this is what will draw the attention of people to what you’re selling faster.

When you want to learn how to post an advert on Jiji for free, it is expedient for you to know that your advert must have a specific title, also your products must have a specific title, your products must have legal permission, all your products have to be within reach in Nigeria, also your advert must have the images of what you’re selling and must include a very clear description.

How to Post an Ad on Jiji | Steps/Procedures

How to post on Jiji is not difficult to do and it is a fast procedure as long as your internet connection is available. The few steps below will guide you in knowing how to post an advert on Jiji for free.

  • Tap on Sell.
  • Submit all the necessary information required.
  • After filling the necessary details, click on Post.
  • Once you’re done, your advert will be posted you will receive a notification email to confirm.

With the few steps written above in this article, you can rest assured that you can post your products successfully on Jiji.

Tips on How to Create a Good Advert on

It is very important to know how to create a good advert when you how to post on Jiji for free as this will make people easily attracted you your products, we have decided to help you some vital things to know below:

  • Ensure the title is boldly and clearly written.
  • State the suitable and right price for your product, this way your advert can get approval but be sure you have made findings of the prices.
  • Describe your product with enough valid information.
  • Make sure it is very good quality and attractive photos of your products you upload only.
  • Upload your correct contact information so your customers will be able to communicate with you anytime. Also, make sure you’re always available to reply to them.
  • Ensure every necessary information about you is online so as to make customers know the vital things about you.
  • Make sure you have a good rating on the Jiji website and this depends on the numerical strength of the positive and negative feedback from your previous customers. This is because a good rating will attract numerous customers.
  • Finally, ensure that your advert does not include any risk as much as possible.

How to post an advert on Jiji for free can be successfully achieved with all the above information, all you need to do is follow them and you’re good to sell your products on Jiji.


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