Complete Guide on How to Download Subtitles on MX Player Android App


Sometimes Subtitles are the best ways to watch movies, which is why I would be giving you How to Download Subtitles on MX Player App. Hearing about this incredible feature on the MX player surprised me because I watch a lot of movies in languages I do not understand, and I would have to go to different sites searching for subtitles for the movie, but now all I have to do is download MX player app and get the subtitle I want for the movie.

Complete Guide on How to Download Subtitles on MX Player Android App

the MX player is really very useful when it comes to downloading Subtitles for movies and perform some other task. Unlike some other players, MX player possesses some interesting features that I would be telling you about in this content. So just sit back while I walk you through it.

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About MX Player

Before we get to How to Download Subtitles on MX Player App, MX player is one of the most popular video streaming players on Android devices with over 500M+ download generated from the Play store alone. This player happens to be the first video player on Android smartphones to support Multi-core decoding and its multi-core device performance was much faster than the single-core devices when compared in the results of its testing.

The app supports almost every single video format, and it brought to you with gesture control that a lot of users from around the globe loves. The app possesses a lot of interesting features that you as a user might have not even heard about. Well in this content I would be giving you one of its most remarkable features, so prepare to get your mind blown.

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How to Download Subtitles on MX Player App

While a lot of people are aware of the basic features of this player, there very few people who have heard about the MX Player subtitle download feature. And if you are among the few, you must definitely think of this as an amazing feature. With that stated, below expect the steps on How to Download Subtitles on MX Player App. The steps include:

  • First, open the MX player app and play the movie that you want to download the subtitle for
  • Tap the three dots icon in the top right corner of the screen and navigate to the “Subtitle” Menu.
  • Tap on Online Subtitles > search and search the subtitle for the movie online. You can alternatively enter your search text if you cannot find the subtitle for the movie you want to watch.
  • Download the subtitle from the uploader you prefer and you’ll be ready to go. MX Player will load the subtitle automatically for you, so you do not have to worry about setting the subtitle for the movie.

And that is How to Download Subtitles on MX Player App. The MX player app is an incredible app especially when you want to watch a movie. the app also possesses features that you would not find on another regular player, so do not hesitate to download the app if you want a different player experience.

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