How to Download and Use the Spotify App in Nigeria on Android Phones


Music is life, more like food for the soul, a universal language that can easily be understood by everyone. The sweet thing about music is that there are songs for almost every activity in the world; take, for instance, a party without music, or burning those calories in the gym without those electrifying sounds bursting out of your speakers, or a full movie without song playing in the background, practically impossible! We love to carry this music around, thanks to the streaming platforms available today, where we can always listen to songs at any time within our convenience and in this course, we shall be discussing Spotify and how to download Spotify in Nigeria on Android.


How to Download and Use the Spotify App in Nigeria on Android Phones

How to Download and Use Spotify in Nigeria on Android Phones

Now that we’ve seen the various features of Spotify you wondering “How to download the Spotify app in Nigeria on your Android device? We will tell you how you will do this now. So, let’s now get down to the process involved in downloading it from our Android devices. I’ve compiled a guideline of procedures for first-timers, go through the steps below and you should have Spotify up and ready on your device.

  1. Locate the Google play store app on your device and launch
  2. Engage the search bar of the Play Store and enter the keyword ‘Spotify’.
  3. Spotify can very well be identified by its symbol; dark green circle with three black horizontal lines inside.
  4. Tap on the symbol to begin the download

Once the download is complete, app installs automatically to your device and you’re set. But there’s a catch though, Spotify does not support some region and Nigeria happens to be one of those countries, so if you intend to enjoy all Spotify’s content in Nigeria, you might want to consider getting a strong VPN that’ll cloud your location and allow you access to use it without interruption.

Spotify Features

Spotify is a digital music streaming app that provides its subscribers access to millions of songs of different genres and artists all over the world. This wonderful streaming app has amassed a huge population of over 200 million active users. Spotify is available on both PC and smartphones.  The streaming network comes with some lovely features that make the app a very user-friendly one. Some of these features include:

  • The search bar that provides you access to search for songs inside the network
  • An offline library where you can get to enjoy all your downloaded songs inside the platform
  • The shuffle feature that picks songs at random so you don’t get bored listening to the same pattern of songs
  • Spotify radio where you listen to live on-air broadcast form Spotify network.

Having this app is a whole vibe on its own, you get informed whenever your favorite artist releases a new song and more features and notifications on the app. With all that being said, let’s now take a look at how to download Spotify in Nigeria on Android.


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