How to Create Your Very Own Personal WhatsApp Stickers | CHECK NOW


If there is one social media platform that is solely based and chatting and but comes with amazing features, then you should be looking at WhatsApp. If you have used the app before, you should know that it was basically built on chatting, voice call, and video call. But WhatsApp finally decided to allow people to send and receive stickers from each other, which is something another app already has. Now, you can send stickers on WhatsApp which is really awesome, and since you are interested, I would be giving you How to Create WhatsApp Stickers, so you can also partake in the fun of sending stickers.

How to Create Your Very Own Personal WhatsApp Stickers | CHECK NOW

There are lots of ways to create WhatsApp stickers, but the best and easiest way to do it is by downloading the app that lets you create your stickers easily and faster. With the app for creating the sticker, you would be creating your own WhatsApp sticker on both your iPhone and Android just within a few minutes. Before we get to the sticker creating process, you should, first of all, know that the best ways to create custom sticker packs is stated on the WhatsApp site.

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How to Create WhatsApp Stickers

Now finally we have arrived at the main question for this article, “How to Create WhatsApp Stickers?” you already know that you need sticker app to create stickers for WhatsApp because it is stated above, now how to do it, and what app you should go for when you decide to create the sticker app would be given to you. But first, there are several apps to make use of on both iOS and Android devices but expect the best two apps for the job from this content.

Steps on how to create a WhatsApp Sticker for Android and iOS devices is stated below:

For Android

Follow the steps below to create your WhatsApp sticker on your Android device:

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  • First, download the Sticker Maker App on your Android device
  • Tap Create a new sticker pack
  • Give a name to the sticker pack and add an author name for the pack, in case you are looking forward to the credits of being the creator of the sticker.
  • In the next section, you would find 30 tiles in the next screen, tap anyone then taps either take a photo, open gallery, or select file to see pictures. Choose where you want your picture to come from and select your photo.
  • The next step would be offering you the chance to cut the picture in whatever shape or size you want. You can choose to make use of a freehand tool, cut square or cut circle.
  • Once you have successfully cropped the sticker, tap yes, and save it.
  • Once you have added three stickers, tap adds to WhatsApp. And you would a message confirming that it has been added.
  • Open your WhatsApp, tap the emoji icon the sticker at the bottom. You would find your new sticker packs as the last one on the list.
  • You can delete a sticker if you want, just tap the three dots icon at the top right to delete.

For iPhone

Follow these steps to create your WhatsApp sticker for your iPhone:

  • First, download the Bazaart app on your iPhone
  • Open the app and tap start new or open photo
  • You can make use of the app tools to create your stickers. With bazaart’s screen tools, you can cut it into shapes and dialogue boxes if you want.
  • Once you are done with creating the sticker, tap the share icon and tap WhatsApp
  • You would be asked to name the sticker if you are looking forward to taking credits.
  • On the next screen, tap adds to WhatsApp.
  • Tap the sticker icon in your messages and you would find it there.

And with this, you will have a lot of stickers on your WhatsApp if you are a sticker guy. There other interesting apps out there to make stickers, but trust me no one delivers better than the Bazaart and Sticker maker.

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