How Much Does Netflix Cost Per Month in Nigeria? CHECK NOW


Not everyone is used to Netflix especially Nigerians so it is no surprise that people ask how much does Netflix cost per month in Nigeria. Though Netflix has been available in Nigeria for some time now not many people are using it, they cannot be blamed because they are not aware of the benefits of using Netflix. You can watch Netflix on tv, laptops, smartphones, Xbox and PlayStation.

How Much Does Netflix Cost Per Month in Nigeria? CHECK NOW

Netflix is one of the best online streaming services out there for movies and series in the world today. One of the problems Netflix will face here in Nigeria is the internet as Netflix is an internet-based platform and Nigeria internet is not that cheap as it would take a lot of data to get the best out of Netflix. Though some internet providers are coming up with Netflix plans to win customers over.

How Much Does Netflix Cost Per Month in Nigeria

There are three different plans on Netflix and these plans give you unlimited access to movies and series available in Nigeria with the ability to stream from multiple devices for the duration of your subscription. Here are the plans and their cost.

  • Basic plan. This plan cost $7.99 dollars per month and you can only stream from a single device at a time and you cannot stream in HD or Ultra HD.

  • Standard plan. This plan cost $9.99 per month and you get to treat videos in HD quality and also stream from multiple devices at a time.

  • Premium plan. This plan costs 11.99 dollars per month and as you would expect you can stream videos from four different devices at a time and view them in HD and Ultra HD quality.

As you would note above different plans comes with different packages and features like the number of devices to stream from and also the quality you can stream videos with. Note using HD and Ultra HD will quickly zap your data bundles as it requires more bandwidth to make the videos very clear. If you are having a movie night with friends you can add additional speakers to the device to get quality sound.

How to Subscribe to Netflix in Nigeria

To pay for your subscription you can simply use your debit card which can either be Mastercard or Visa card. You can also use your PayPal account to make payments. When you newly joined the service the first month is for free and you can either cancel or let the service charge you for a one-month subscription after the trial is over. You will have to register and provide your payment details to enjoy the one-month free trial subscription.

Connecting Netflix to TV

A lot of people don’t know they could do this but yes you can connect Netflix to your smart tv. Connecting Netflix to your tv gives you amazing viewing experience. Using a smart TV you can easily link to your Netflix account. For another type of television connect it to your laptop or a similar device using HDMI cable.


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