Google Apps for Work – G Suite Google App for Business


Google apps for work presently known to all its users as G Suite is a combination of several Google services like Google Docs, Drive, Sheets, Gmail, etc. This service is acquired and paid for on a monthly basis as a monthly subscription, G Suite helps simplify and organize your business. G Suite is a SaaS (software as a service) product which puts all collaboration tools and cloud-based works that are Google developed for institutes, businesses and so on in a pack, this package comes with a custom Gmail address, sheets, docs, drive, site, calendar, and slide.

Google Apps for Work - G Suite Google App for Business

Now, it may seem to you that the services on Google apps for work (G Suite) can be gotten for free but that is just for normal uses. For business uses, G Suite comes with a business-grade feature such as unlimited cloud storage (optional), shared calendars, admin controls, two-step verification and many other useful features for its subscribers.

Google Apps for Work

G Suite also comes with mobile device management, with this, you can activate or deactivate any mobile device control the apps to be enabled and if an employee becomes unreliable or start being mischievous you can remote wipe.

Google Apps for work has a different subscription plan you can choose from, each with its own unique property and features, to start using  G Suite, choose what you want to use it for, then select from the various plans the one that suits your business the most. After signing up, you will get a 14 days free trial to text G Suites and decide if it satisfies you and your needs.

Features of G Suite Google Apps for Business

Google apps for works has a lot of features and what they offer, we are going to discuss the basic ones and let you know what they offer, below are the features of G Suite

  • Gmail – with G Suite, each of your employees can create their Gmail account with email addresses with the name of your domain. For example,
  • Google calendar – G Suite calendar allows you to create multiple calendars that will be available to all employees, staff, and colleagues.
  • Google drive – with Google drive all your documents and files are stored in one place which can later be accessed by you with any device from anywhere
  • Google docs and Google sheets – with these, you can create, edit documents (texts) and spreadsheet directly in your web browser

To sign up with a domain with G Suite, that domain must be owned by you and it must also be verified.


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