8 Best Sites to Watch Free New HD Movies Online in 2020


Everyone loves to watch movies in HD that why there is no surprise when you looking for Free New HD Movies online. Do you often watch free movies online as a form of frugal entertainment and want to watch a movie without spending a lot of money. Then you are reading the right article for you because this article contains where to watch HD movies online.

8 Best Sites to Watch Free New HD Movies Online in 2020

Where to View Free New HD Movies online

Get to watch and stream free movies online, especially In this era and age, you do not need to go to the cinema just to enjoy high definition movies. You can now enjoy them from the comfort of your home or bedroom. Watch free HD movies online by visiting the sites below. These sites are home to thousands of movies waiting to be watched by you and amazingly there is no sign-up or subscription required.

Best Sites to Watch Free HD Movies Online

So if you are looking for the best sites to watch and stream free movies online, then, you are on the right track as the list of sites to stream movies online.

1. Bobmovies https://www.thebobmovies.pro

Bobmovies is home to lots of high definition (HD) movies from, romance, comedy, action to drama. Just go to the site and start watching for free without paying a dime. You can also as well download any movie on the site for free and it is just that easy

2. Cosmotube https://www.cosmotube.eu

In this website apart from movies, you also get to watch TV shows online without making any payment and some movies are also available in FHD as well.

3. Yts https://yts.mx

On this site, you get to stream the latest movies for free and download them later if you want. There are also a lot of TV shows/series on the site for you to watch. The site also provides you with a list of links from torrents to download movies.

4. Moviewatcher https://www.moviewatcher.site

Moviewatcher is home to over 300 various video hosters for streaming links and it also provides a super-easy way for you to stream movies online for free without getting to pay.

5. Vumoo https://vumoo.life

It is one of the most good-looking sites on this list and you get to select from over 60,000 movies to watch and enjoy. It is quite easy to use this site to download, watch and stream movies online, hence making it one of the best sites to watch and stream movies online.

6. WatchMoviesfree

The name of the site alone would give you a clue what this site is all about. Get to watch movies for free on this website, over 10,000 movies from romance, action, comedy, drama and horror genre.

7. Youtube https://youtube.com/

YouTube is the world’s biggest video streaming platform and there are lots of channels on YouTube that provides you with amazing movies and TV series. You just need to find them in with the search bar, subscribe and stay glued.

8. TFPDL (www.tfpdl.to)

This is one of the very few websites online that provides users with movies that are synced with subtitles. Yes, their movies come with subtitles for users to use when they download the movies on their devices. Users can use this website to download or watch free new HD movies online.


These sites have thousands of movies waiting for your streaming pleasure, not all of the sites support downloading. Although you might be asked to pay little money for some of the movies, but trust me, it’s totally worth it. Without further ado, these are the top 10 sites to stream movies online.


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