Free Facebook Avatar Maker – Facebook Avatar 2020 | Facebook Avatar Creator App

Have you’re heard of Facebook Avatar Maker? If you have not heard about the Facebook avatar maker, then expect more than what you bargained for in this content. Facebook Avatar Maker is a free app on Facebook that allows you to create your own lookalike avatar that you can use in the place of emojis for commenting. Facebook avatar looks more like the Bitmoji Avatars, except Facebook Avatar is here to make your showing of expression on Facebook a lot better than the emojis used to do for you. lots of Facebook users already have and has created their own avatar, so if I were you, I would not hesitate to do so.

Free Facebook Avatar Maker - Facebook Avatar 2020 |  Facebook Avatar Creator App

Creating your own Free Facebook Avatar via the avatar maker is more fun, and the avatar is very useful. Facebook avatar is more useful to all users than you know. Facebook has made it possible for users to use the Avatar they created when sending mobile messages on your phone. Users can also use the avatars in other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and more. Over the years, Facebook has always added features to make their platform a lot better than it uses to be, and now Facebook introduced a feature that would really take them to the next level.

About the Free Facebook Avatar Maker App

The Facebook avatar maker free app is what is making it possible for the user to create their own avatar. Facebook released the app not so long ago, and lots of Facebook users who are already using the platform have created their avatar and are even making use of it right now.

Facebook avatar maker is not an app that would give you lots of stress when trying to create your own avatar. as a matter of fact, Facebook has filled the app with lots of features that would help users create an avatar that looks just like them. Lots of people on Facebook have created their own avatar and they are happy with what they created. If you are still not sure about the options to find, then below are the options presented by Facebook when creating your own Facebook avatar:

  • 27 skin tone options.
  • Hairstyles.
  • Face lines.
  • Face shape and complexion.
  • Facial hairs.
  • Eyes.
  • Eye colour.
  • Lash.
  • Brow shape.
  • Noses.
  • Lips.
  • And outfits.

The app even contains some other options that you can add like glasses, has even cat ears.

How to Make Your Very Own Facebook avatar emoji

Given the current global crisis, everyone is forced to stay at home, which means you get to be with your phone, even more, these days, so what’s better than a better way to express your mood during this lockdown than using your own image in a not-too-serious way? Stay with me as I put you through the steps involved in making your very own Facebook avatar emoji :

  1. Log in your Facebook account

This is usually the first step to take as you’ll be required to be signed in to your Facebook account before doing anything at all on the network. You can log in through your desktop or download the Facebook app from your smartphone in the application store( play store for Android and App Store for iOS)

  1. Launch the Facebook menu

You can find the Facebook menu by tapping the three horizontal lines at the top right corner of your Facebook app.

  1. Tap on ‘ Avatars ‘

Once you select the menu option, a list of options appears, scroll down and select ‘see more’, here you should find the Avatars option if it is available in your country.

  1. Start to create your own Avatar

Once you’re in the Avatar section, the rest is simple, you will be guided by Facebook, all you need to do is to follow the onscreen instructions. You will be prompted to begin with your skin tone, then you move to your hairstyle, followed by your eye colour, eyebrows shape, your face shape, facial hair and other attributes that qualify your real face. You can also choose to wear lipstick, pair of glasses or Headwear such as Face cap, head warmer, veil and so on.

Once you’re done, feel free to hit the next button, and there you have it, you should have an Avatar that should look lie you when you’re done.

Facebook Avatar Feature Availability

Right now, not every country in the world has access to Facebook avatar maker. But the rate at which Facebook is making the platform available to most of the countries around the world is a lot faster compared to Facebook dating.

Right now, Facebook Avatar free app is available in Australia, Europe, united states and some other countries. Making use of Facebook avatar app means that you are living in one of these countries with the app available in them. But, with the rate at which the app is being released in different countries of the world, if you do not have it in your country, expect it anytime soon.

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