FIFA 21 vs PES 21: Which Football Game is Going to be a Better buy


FIFA and PES have been the top and the best so far, and because of providing answers to the question FIFA 21 Versus PES 21 Which is Better. They both have millions of fans and players from around the world. Based on their gameplay, so many people prefer one to the other, I personally prefer PES, because it has been what I played the most when I was young, up till now, and no other gameplay can be compared to it even though FIFA still has it’s own amazing Gameplay. This year, FIFA and PES have decided to take things up a notch by adding other interesting season Updates to their platform.

FIFA 21 vs PES 21: Which Football Game is Going to be a Better buy

Most of the Reviews see PES 21 to be similar to that of 20, but with just some few added updated squads and maybe some tweak. But FIFA has really promised to bring some major improvements to their game. That should not change your perspective toward what you PES, Although, who would not want some amazing updates in Soccer. Well, with all that stated, below, would provide the Answer to the question FIFA 21 versus PES 21 Which is better.

FIFA 21 Versus PES 21 Which is Better

First, FIFA would be coming out on the 9th of October, while PES 21 season update will arrive on the 15th of September. FIFA has always had the fanbase than PES, but a lot of improvement was made by PES to Shorten the gap. Below is the solution to which one to purchase between the FIFA 21 and PES 21.

Main Comparison

EA Announced that their new game FIFA 21: Feel the next level. it was revealed in the official trailer that some amazing features would be introduced and there would be a big improvement in the career mode among others. While PES Announced that they would not be releasing it this year, only a season update would be made.

The one with the Better Club and League Licenses

At this point, you can choose FIFA 21 over PES 21 because FIFA has over 700 licensed teams across 37 leagues. There might be an increase because FIA 21 is likely to include ISL. They are also licensed to champions league and Europa League licenses.

PES has been lagging behind in this section, they only have 5 notable club Licenses, Barcelona, Juventus which is an exclusive license, and because of that FIFA has been making use of Piemonte Calcio as Juventus, Manchester United, Arsenal and Bayern Munich. Pes also has the License for the Postponed EURO 2020.

FIFA makes use of the real names of all the clubs, except for Juventus.


The Master League in Pes is the same as the Career league in FIFA. PES has made a lot of improvements to their Master Leagues and is ahead of FIFA’s Career mode. The Trailer of the FIFA 21 features a much better and improved career mode.

FIFA FUT and PES My Club are both played online (online modes). FUT has proven to be a Hit, compared to the MyClub. FIFA is also looking forward to introducing Co-op mode in FUT.

FIFA has another great playing mode called Volta, a street Football mode. This feature was introduced in FIFA 20, and also be available in FIFA 21.

FIFA is licensed for the postponed EURO 2020, while FIFA has a license for UEFA Champions League and Europa League.


The FIFA 21 is coming out as a full new game, while PES is coming out as a season update, as the main PES 21 would not be released this year. PES is giving out discounts based on the fact that they are celebrating their 25 anniversaries.

FIFA would be sold for $59.99, while Pes would be going for 29.99. so, clearly FIFA has more improvements compared to PES, but which is your favorite, that is up to you to decide. And that is it for FIFA 21 Versus PES 21 Which is Better.


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