Facebook Secret Stones | How to See the Members Of A Facebook Group

Facebook is not just for chatting with friends and family and posting updates and pictures, Facebook also has groups, there are group chats where friends come together to chat and there are just groups. Now, these groups are not created by Facebook neither are they inbuilt, they are created by fellow Facebook users, some groups are created for games, some are created dating and relationships, some are created for singles and there are others created for Facebook secret Stones. Facebook secret stones group pages vary in location and only people in that particular location will be able to join the group.

Facebook Secret Stones - Facebook Secret Files | Facebook Secret Messages

Facebook secret Stones are usually Facebook groups in certain locations where people join and chat, in this groups, they have a custom of painting rocks, stones or pebbles with different patterns or pictures, these rocks and stones and pebbles are just painted to distinguish them from ordinary rocks and stones and pebbles. After they are being painted and design, a photo of the rock will be taken and posted on the group for other members to see them, the rocks or the stones or the pebbles will be hidden somewhere in any garden, a park or anywhere at all for other group members to find, if the stone is found by any group member, that member will take a photo of it and post it on the group and hide the stone again for other members to find.

Facebook Secret Stones – Facebook Group Search

As said earlier, Facebook secret stones is a Facebook group, you can search for Facebook secret stones groups in your location by doing the Facebook group search. The following are steps and procedures

  1. Connect your device to the internet
  2. Open Facebook and login to your account
  3. Click the search icon from your Facebook home page
  4. Enter the name of the group in the search field
  5. Hit the search icon
  6. You’ll be provided with different filters; group, pictures, and even friends, a select group

A list of groups will be displayed on the next interface, all these groups displayed are groups related to your search, click on the group you want to join.

Facebook Secret Stones | How to See the Members Of A Facebook Group

You can see the members of a Facebook secret stones group and start a conversation with that person. With the following steps, you can know how to see the members of a Facebook group

  1. Launch Facebook or launch your web browser and open Facebook web
  2. Sign in to your account if not automatically signed in
  3. Open the group
  4. Click on members underneath the group cover picture
  5. All the members of the group will be displayed on the next screen.

To add a member of that group simply click on add beside the member’s name and you can start a conversation with that person.

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