Facebook Messenger Dating – Facebook Virtual Dating | Facebook Dating Service

Facebook messenger dating is a new feature that supports Facebook dating. Facebook is planning to introduce it soon, this new feature allows users of the Facebook dating platform to connect by video and voice calls through messenger.

Facebook Messenger Dating - Facebook Virtual Dating | Facebook Dating Service

Facebook messenger dating feature can be accessed within the actual Facebook app but you have to set up a completely different profile to use it. You will be given potential matches which are based on your preferences, location and other key factors, also the good news is that your present Facebook friends will not be suggested to you as a match, this setting is by default.

Asides the Facebook messenger dating feature, there are other amazing features you get to access to make your dating experience online enjoyable on messenger, these features include the video chat, voice chat, new messenger dating, Facebook pay, you can get to view Facebook stories and also use many interesting emojis to make your chats exciting.

How does Facebook Messenger Dating Work?

Even though the Facebook messenger dating Feature is still a work in progress, it is quite easy to get your Facebook dating working through the Facebook messenger. The way it works is actually very simple so as soon as it is finally fully available, you can go through these quick and understandable steps:

  • Go to your Facebook account
  • Immediately the dating feature goes live, you will be given an option to invite your match to a virtual date.
  • You can accept or decline any offer easily by making use of the pop-up icons appearing on the screen.
  • If the virtual date request you sent is accepted, Facebook dating will get a connection through a video chat made available by the Facebook messenger.

These are simple ways by which you can get the Facebook messenger dating feature to make your Facebook dating experience fun.

How to Download the Facebook Messenger App

The Facebook messenger dating feature does not have a special app, it is a feature that can be accessed on the Facebook app and it is also the best method for dating right now with the rate at which people are sitting idly at home during this lockdown not doing many activities because of the Coronavirus pandemic. You can follow the steps below to download the Facebook app and access the dating feature:

  • Get your device connected to an active internet source.
  • Go to the google play store.
  • Type ‘Facebook app’ on the search bar.
  • You will see the instructions displayed on the screen. Click on download
  • The download will begin and will be completed within seconds.
  • Finally, tap on the downloaded Facebook app and it will be installed.

The Facebook messenger dating feature will make the dating experience on Facebook look a lot like a real-life date. This is the exact reason why it has been introduced by Facebook. All the information and steps above are easy to follow to get to know how to use the Facebook messenger dating feature and also successfully download the Facebook app to use this amazing feature.

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