Facebook Marketplace Tab – Buying and Selling on Facebook Marketplace

As people continue to use Facebook book every day, work is being done all round the clock to ensure maximum convenience and satisfaction to its customers. With the introduction of the Facebook marketplace tab, users can now conveniently buy and sell items within Facebook, without any third-party site or services for that matter.

Facebook Marketplace Tab - Facebook Marketplace Community Near Me | Facebook Marketplace Review

Facebook marketplace tab, just like Facebook Groups, pages and events are available on all versions of Facebook for different operating systems. For iOS, it is located at the bottom of the app while for that of the Android version, it can easily be seen at the top of the app. This function can also be found at the top left corner of the website version of Facebook.

Facebook Marketplace Tab | Buying and Selling on Facebook Marketplace Tab

Facebook marketplace is basically made to facilitate buying and selling on the network. There are basic tips to help both buyers and sellers have a good time using marketplace functionality. The rules vary for both buyer and seller. Some of the basic tips include the following:

Buying on Facebook Marketplace

Buying items on Marketplace is convenient for both the buyer and the seller. As a buyer, when you tap on the Facebook marketplace tab, a list of items available for sale shows on the homepage. Items listed for sale are also sorted out in their various categories such as electronics, beauty, and makeup, clothing, shoes, and accessories, etc.

When you find a particular item you wish to buy, click on the item to get full details about the item include the seller’s information. You may send the seller a direct message from the marketplace, letting them know you are interested in what they have to sell. You may need to exercise patience as seller tend to get more messages regarding the item they want to sell.

It’s also worthy to note that Facebook does not facilitate any form of electronic payment methods when both parties agree on a price, payments are made off – Facebook, both parties may decide on a more convenient means of payments and collection of the sold items through their conversations on Facebook.

Selling on Facebook Marketplace

As on seller, you want to make your item for sale to be appealing when potential buyer hits the Facebook marketplace tab and your item shows up. On the marketplace homepage, tap “ selling “ and then “ what are you listing? “, meaning you have to select the category of the item you want to put up for sale.

After listing the item for sale, take a clear photo of the product, add its description and price, and then post. Once you hit the post button, any seller within your location who selects the category of the item you just posted will be able to your product and your profile in order to contact you if they desire to buy your product.

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