How to Access Facebook Instant Games Free to Play

Facebook instant games allow people to socialize and as well have fun online. Game developers can even join the Instant Game Developer Community Group. There are lots of gaming platforms in the world we live in today. Since the internet makes it possible for people to play games with friends and family online, Facebook social media offers users options to play games with their friends and family on its platform. Yes, that’s what Facebook instant games are for and this article will help you know which games to play and how to access them.

Facebook Instant Games - Instant Games on Facebook Free | Facebook Gameroom

Facebook instant games are free for all Facebook account owners to play anytime they want as long as they have a stable internet connection. Facebook launched the Instant gaming feature in the year 2016 since then Facebook users have to enjoy this amazing feature. There lots of Facebook games users can play, this article pinpoints the popular and amazing ones users can start playing today.

How to Access Facebook Instant Games – Facebook Gameroom

First things first, users need a Facebook account and have to log in to it before they can access and start playing Facebook games. Users can access Facebook games both on a mobile and desktop computer device. Yes, users can play Facebook games on the Facebook app, website and messenger. Users can access Facebook games from the news feed on the website.

Accessing Facebook games on the Facebook app and messenger is similar. All the user has to do is simply tap the game controller icon on within a conversation, then choose a game to play with the person they are chatting with. Users will be able to compare scores with their friends after completing game rounds.

Users that make use of desktop or laptop computers running on Windows operating system 7 or above can install the Facebook Gameroom app on their computer to access many other games Facebook has to offer. The Facebook Gameroom app is not yet available on Mac, Linux, iOS and Andriod devices.

Top Instant Games on Facebook Free to Play

They are lots of amazing genres of games that users can choose to play on Facebook ranging from puzzle to word and sports challenges. Users do not need to install any additional plugin, app or open a separate page to play Facebook instant games. The following are the top instant games on Facebook users can start playing includes.

  • Tetris.
  • Space Invader.
  • Word Blitz.
  • Quiz Planet.
  • Ludo Club.
  • Jewel Blitz.
  • Classic Alien Invasion.
  • Crazily Tank.
  • Happy Glass.
  • Solitaire Klondike.

The above is Facebook top instant games users can choose to play with their friends online. These games are guaranteed to engage its players, so they left for users to grab their device and start playing. Users can also play games alone in spare times if they want. Users can choose to challenge their Facebook friends score and climb to grab the first position spot on the Facebook leaderboard table.

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