Top 10 Facebook Games to Play with Your Friends | No. 3 is Top-Notch


Facebook has emerged as one of the most used social media platforms in the world with lots of features for anyone to have more than enough fun on the platform. Facebook games have been one of the top places on Facebook where people challenge each other for fun. The platform has thousands of games to choose from, and you might be confused since you might not know the best to choose. For that reason, I would be given you a list of the top ten Facebook games to play with your friends.

Top 10 Facebook Games to Play with Your Friends | No. 3 is Top-Notch

There are lots of games on Facebook, far more than you can even count there are Facebook games that are available for you to play with your friends, the ones that you can play solo and games that require pairs of people to team up against other sets of people. Well, these are a some of the categories of games you would find on Facebook, but this list would be mainly on Facebook games you can play with your friends either as a team or against each other.

Facebook Gaming platform

Before talking about the top ten best games, you should know how to access Facebook games. If you are already familiar with this process you can just skip, but if you have no idea about what to do here, follow my lead. There are two main platforms when it comes to gaming on Facebook. They are Facebook Gameroom and Facebook instant games.

Instant games

The Facebook instant game can be accessed through your facebook account easily. The platform contains games that are “instant”. The games on the platform are short but fun to play. There you can challenge lots of people even your friends, but most of the games on the platform are not top graphic games, but they are really8 fun to play especially when you want to pass time.


This platform is Facebook’s top gaming platform. here millions of people challenge each other every playing some of the best games produced. This platform can also be played with friends and family, and most of the games on the platform are very interesting to play and they are top graphics games.

Both Facebook instant games and Gameroom gives you access to all categories of games like shooter games, racing games, puzzle games and more, but the Gameroom gives you access to more top-class graphic games. So, if you want to play for top games for hours on Facebook, go For Facebook Gameroom games.

Top Ten Facebook Games to Play with Friends

Below I will be giving you a list of the top ten games to play with your friends on Facebook. And they are:


This game is a casino and slots kind of game. The game is focused on you trying your best to become the next top billionaire. You get to compete with your friends to live in the tournament and boost the number of gold coins you have. The game has over 14,000,000 fans assuring you that the game is legit and you would have someone to challenge.

2. Angry birds

This game is very popular on most gaming platforms. Facebook made it a hit on their platform when the option to play with your friends became available. The makers of the game always make sure to provide the players with tournaments every week.

3. Farmville

This game is a sequel to the famous FARMVILLE game. With 3D graphics, smoother run, new characters and more. You also get to compete with friends and steal their stuff and create a better thriving farm.


This game is one of the most popular games on Facebook. Being a beginner in this game does not matter. There are lots of tables and free chips waiting for you and your friends.

5. Songpop

This game help’s you to test your music recognition skill. You get to listen to music from more than 100,000 thousand real music database. The game is a multiplayer game, you get to play with 2 people. You can even challenge your friend.

6. Diamond Dash

This game is an interesting game that gives you the challenge of matching diamonds within 60 seconds. You can compete with your friend through who has the highest score.

7. Pet City

This game is based on you taking care of a virtual pet. This game allows you to have a pet, take care of it and get them to interact with your friend’s pet. you get to decorate your pet, buy them clothes to decorate them, build beautiful homes and decorate it with beautiful furniture’s.

8. Dragon City

This game is an exciting game where you get to breed your dragons on magical floating islands. There are over 500 dragons to pick from. You even get to build your cities and fill them with farms.


It is a fast and funny game that has to do with word finding. This game is very interesting to play plus you get to play with your friends.

10. Word Blitz

This is no doubt one of the best word puzzle games to play on Facebook with your friends online. In this game, you are to ensure you get the correct spellings of words by using the letter blocks to solve puzzles. Whoever solves more puzzles between you and your friends emerge as the winner.


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