Export a Car from USA with Auctionexport.com

“Export a Car from USA with Auctionexport.com” Looking for how to export a car from the USA to Nigeria? This is possible with Auction export is one of the best companies providing services for the buying of cars and their exportation. What’s great about the site is that you can buy cars in live auctions, online, from a foreign country. It’s website Auctionexport.com is simple and easy to navigate. Upon arriving at its home page, by visiting Auctionexport.com, you are shown straight away, all the necessary tabs and steps to buying a car. Even if you were visiting its index or home page for the first time, you can clearly understand how Auctionexport.com works.

Export a Car from USA with Auctionexport.com

Its relevant tabs includes numbered steps to guide anyone through the buying process to the shipping of the cars. Even as properly ordered as its steps are for easy understanding, you also get to see the faqs tab right there in the index page, to answer any lingering questions if you still got any. As you’ll get to see, it’s guiding tabs from step 1 to step 5 are registration, deposit, buying process, payment, transportation, and shipping.

Export a Car from USA with Auctionexport.com | Buying and Shipping Cars with Auctionexport.com

The bid and buy now option lets you purchase cars that are being auctioned live. You can get the cars secured for you at your convenience by the click of a button, so long as you’ve got cash in your account. The third tab is the buying process tab, clicking on it shows you several sub-tabs to guide you on how to make a purchase, and the options available for making purchases.

You’ll also learn more about the bid and buy now features here as well. The fourth tab is the payments tab. It guides you through the process of payments for the car. You are given a maximum of three days to make payments after the sale date. And lastly, we get to the fifth tab. Here you get to know how the shipping of cars is done. The shipping process usually starts once you’ve made full payments for the car. All the documentation gets handled by auctionexport in the US, and you can track the car as it gets to your home port.

Registration and Making Deposits in Auctionexport.com

For the first step, registration, all you have to do is provide auctionexport with the required information. Once you click on the registration tab, you will be prompted a new tab tagged register, which you’ll need to click to begin the registration process. After registering, an email will be sent to you to confirm the approval of your registration. Afterward, you will be provided with an account for login in to and making purchases of cars.

The next tab is the deposit tab. Here you’ll be guided on how to make deposits to your account, which involves going to your profile page and clicking on make a payment, and then you can choose your preferred method of payment. You can also use a payment platform like skrill if you wish to. Depositing is important to participate in the bid and buy now feature of auctionexport. Without a certain amount of money in your account, you won’t have access to these features.

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