Everything You Need to Know About Cars45


The process of selling our cars can get pretty tricky at times. Without knowing, we encounter fraudsters and all other problems all in a genuine attempt to sell our cars. Today, I will be introducing a platform that will help you sell your car without stress. It is possible that you might have heard of Cars45 one way or the other but I will be giving you a broad content by telling you Everything You Need to Know About Cars45.

Everything You Need to Know About Cars45

About Cars45

Cars45 is the largest car auction service provider in Nigeria with the aim of helping hundreds of customers to sell their cars. The passion of Car45 is to build the infrastructure for commerce that lets sellers and buyers of used cars in Nigeria to exchange value quickly, cheaply, and with unobstructed access to independent and relevant information required for decision making.

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The platform helps you in selling, buying, and exchanging used vehicles in a hassle-free, convenient, and safe manner. At Cars45, you can sell, buy, or even swap your car, whatever option you choose. The platform has inspection centers at strategic locations all over the country to make it easy for their valuable customers to sell their cars.

Features of Cars45

If you have been following, you should already know that Cars45 helps you to sell your cars without hassle, so we will head on to the features of the platform. The features are listed below:

  • The platform performs a transparent inspection of your car through its nationwide network of purchase centers that uses an internally developed algorithm market intelligence and a professionally trained team.
  • You get a fair and upfront price for your car.
  • The car selling process is fast, safe, and easy. That means your car will be sold in a hassle-free process.
  • Cars45 sells cars immediately.
  • Your car will be sold in any condition.
  • Car45 pays your money into your account safely after a purchase has been made.
  • At Car45, you can sell, buy, or swap cars without the risk of meeting fraudsters.

What are the Benefits of Selling Your Car at Cars45

Selling a car can be an extensive and uncertain process. You might not even be sure of your car’s real market value. If you decide to do the listing online, it will lead to more time consumption, multiple calls, random meetings, price haggling, and the list goes on. It is possible that you might even encounter fraudsters in the process.

This is where Car45 comes into place. The platform makes selling a car an easy, fair, and quick experience. So, if you want to sell your used car but you do not want the stress that comes along with it, Cars45 has got you covered. With Cars45, you get to enjoy the following:

  • They buy any car in 45 minutes.
  • The platform has the best price in the market guaranteed.
  • Cars45 gives instant payment within 24 hours (a day).
  • Cars45 is the quickest, smartest, and the safest way to sell your car, so your peace of mind is guaranteed when dealing with them.
  • Cars45 is very keen on preserving the confidentiality of your personal information. This means when they are uploading the picture of your car, the original number plate with CARS45’s custom number plate is masked.
  • Your car’s papers and personal information are not shared with any third party, even if you do not sell to the platform. You will not be getting any spam calls or emails.
  • Car45 has business partners all over the country who bids actively on your car in realtime which ensures there is a strong demand for your car. As there is very car competition for your car through Cars45, you will always walk away with the best price.
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How Does Cars45 Work

Selling your cars through Cars45 can be very easy. The process works in three simple ways. The steps are listed below for you:

Step 1: Instant online valuation. You will first of all get an initial quotation (which can be done on the homepage) for your car by following these steps:

  • Enter the make, model, and the year of your car.
  • Provide the platform with more basic information like car variant and kilometers driven.
  • Cars45 will provide you with an initial market value of your car based on the information that you provided.
  • The online valuation does not include other parameters for your car such as color, ownership, serial no. etc.
  • The online valuation is based on your car being in near perfect condition and does not reflect wear and tear or any further damages.
  • The online valuation is subject to a physical inspection of the car at CARS45 center.

Step 2: Free inspection. Since you have completed the online valuation process, why not avail a free inspection.

  • You can easily book for your individual appointment for an on-site inspection of your car at CARS45.com center close to you.
  • You can book for an appointment on the website of Cars45 or reach them at +234 818 984 0160 or +234 813 984 0160.
  • Be sure that you bring all the important documents of your car along for instant payment.
  • One of Cars45 trusted and trained “car jockeys” will inspect your car at the centre by going through the standard inspection checklist on more than 125 parameters of Cars45 which also includes a short test drive.

⦁ After the inspection of the car, you will be given the best offer by Cars45.

Step 3: Instant payment. After you have been given the best price for your car, you can sign on the documents and initiate payment instantly.

How the Swap Service Works

We have already established that Cars45 offers swap services, so if you want to swap your car, follow these steps:

  • Visit any CarsBazr Lot and choose the car that you want.
  • Confirm the price.
  • Then visit www.Cars45.com and book an appointment in one of the centers. You are also permitted to walk in.
  • Then, drive into any of the selected inspection centers.
  • Select the car you wish to buy.
  • Then get your car inspected.
  • The car will then be put up for an online auction.
  • If you agree to the auction offer, then pick up the new car that you traded your old one for and pay the difference (where applicable).

With these, I believe that you know as much as possible about Cars45.  Cars45 is transforming the way used cars are traded and that they operate a NO-RETURN POLICY.

Note: Terms and conditions apply. To see the terms and conditions of Cars45, visit this link https://cars45.com/terms.

To know about questions frequently asked, visit this link or this link.

To know more about Cars45 and the services they offer, visit this link.

You can visit the official website Cars45 via this link.

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