Features of DHL Africa eShop App and How to Use its Services

Several companies offer delivery services and probably online shopping in and around Africa, while there are some couple of these delivery service companies in competition with each other DHL has stepped up their game in getting the nod ahead of their counterparts. DHL announced its collaboration with MallForAfrica as they launch the DHL Africa eShop app.

Features of DHL Africa eShop App and How to Use its Services

The DHL Africa eShop app is an innovative one that connects the biggest retailers in the US and UK with consumers in Nigeria and other big African e-commerce countries. The delivery service provider carries its DHL Africa eShop business to 13 additional markets. This increased the presence of its global shipping company’s e-commerce platform to 34 African countries. Here are the additional African countries Angola, Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Chad, Ethiopia, Guinea, Lesotho, Namibia, Niger, Sudan, Togo, and Zimbabwe.

Features of DHL Africa eShop App

Just like with the model of  MallforAfrica, the arrangement allows DHL Africa eShop users to purchase goods and items directly from the websites of any of the app’s global partners. MallforAfrica is one of the numerous sites which help Africans shop in the US or UK and have the items or goods purchased delivered to their doorsteps via DHL Africa. In recent years, emails were sent out to introduce DHL Africa eShop App and the services it provides are no different from that which the Mall of Africa currently offers but with some slight or major changes below;

  • Fast Delivery Time: DHL Africa eShop looks to deliver the customer’s orders in 10 business days or less since the service is offered as an express service.
  • Weight Limit: Considering the express shipping service and fast delivery above, weight restrictions are in place especially for fluids. However, these restrictions are currently not reflected in the DHL Africa eShop App.
  • Doorstep delivery: While Mall For Africa allows the customer’s goods to be shipped to one of their collection centers where you can then walk in and claim the item or goods ordered, DHL Africa eShop ensures that all orders are delivered straight to the customer’s doorstep hence you must have a reliable delivery address to shop with them.

It should be noted that DHL tracking numbers for items or goods ordered are not given to the customers. However, DHL tracking has been added to the online platform called the DHL Africa eShop App which now allows customers to track their packages via the app from the place of purchase right to their doorsteps.

How to Use DHL Africa eShop App

To get started, install the DHL Africa eShop app which you can download from App Store and Play Store. As regards to the web, install the Google Chrome extension; DHL eShop. Unlike the chrome extension, for mobile applications, the user has to create an account to be in a position to shop.

To shop, open the DHL Africa eShop app and log in. Once logged in, proceed to the categories you wish to shop from. However, you can choose from what store to shop from. After selecting all the products of your choice, you are to add them to your cart, then select Review Cart/Checkout. Then you will be redirected to a review and checkout page, and once satisfied with the products select checkout. Payments can be made using PayPal, Visa-Mastercard or your DHL eShop wallet balance.

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