How to Turn on Dating Feature on Facebook

Dating Facebook – Users search the keyword “Facebook dating singles near me” on Fb to find people to hook up with or date on Facebook dating sites or app. Dating Facebook also knows that Facebook dating is part of Facebook. Dating on Facebook is the same as every other dating site and other dating applications, but Facebook dating is free and have a stronger privacy policy, dating on Facebook is under Facebook, it is not an entirely different site or application on its own, and you can access Facebook dating through Facebook login.

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If you are using Facebook dating, the actions on your Facebook dating page will not be known to your friends on the Facebook homepage. Dating on Facebook has a feature called Facebook Secret crush. With Facebook Secret crush you can select nine of your  Facebook friends you have a crush on. If they also have a crush on you then you have the perfect partner and you can date.

Dating Facebook | How to Turn on Dating on Facebook

Turning on the dating Facebook feature does not include a monthly fee or any fee for registration. All you need is a Facebook account. Here are a few steps to learn how to turn on dating on Facebook.

  1. Activate your device internet connection
  2. Launch the Facebook app or go to your web browser and log on to to use Facebook web
  3. Log in to your Facebook account if you do not have the automatic login feature turned on
  4. If you sign up successfully, you will see a prompt at the top of the news feed page. This prompt is a notification containing a Facebook dating message. Click on the big blue learn more button for more information on how to turn this feature on.

In some countries around the world, you may not get this notification, this is because Facebook dating is yet to be available in this country. But if you really need a date, you can search for a date on Facebook dating groups.

Dating Facebook | Facebook Dating Group

Those who have not received the secret dating service from Facebook in their countries can easily join the Facebook dating group to find people that interest them. Not everyone knows how to see members of a Facebook dating group, but there are a few easy steps to understand.

  1. Firstly, you should connect your device to the internet
  2. Then launch the Facebook app or open Facebook web from your device web browser
  3. Sign in to your account
  4. Search for any dating group
  5. Open the group
  6. Click on members under the group cover photo

A list of all the members on the group will be displayed. Click “Add” next to the group member’s name to view their profile and add them as a friend.

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